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January 08 2013

(SPOILER) Dark Horse advance solicits for April 2013. Contains solicitations and covers for Buffy #20, Angel & Faith #21, and Spike: A Dark Place trade paperback.

Oops,I must of posted at the same time.A mod can remove my thread.
I made a Frankenpost out of the two of them.
Excited to hear what's up with xander
I love that Angel cover especially.And it looks like Xander's storyline is now front and center and a key piece of the season.


The Jeanty cover I assume is from the immediate aftermath of Buffy S8 # 39 with crying Buffy,catatonic Angel,dead Giles and anguished Xander in the center.

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Nice. Seems that confirms Xander's PTSD-esque issues and their relation to the finale. Solicit doesn't bode well for...anyone, actually.
Meanwhile, that Angel cover is gorgeous.
Man that Angel cover is gorgeous. I can't wait to have it.
The Buffy,Xander, Giles and Angel cover is so very sad. Makes me want to cry. :(
I can't stop staring at the Angel cover - it's beautifully done!
I'm guessing that the loss of magic is detrimentally affecting Dawn's key-essence in some way.
Christos Gage revealed on twitter that tthe title of the final arc of Angel & Faith is ,"What You Want,Not What You Need."It's a five issue arc and the title seems to be a play on Joss's mantra of giving the audiance what they need not what they want.

The title of Buffy # 20 according to Scott Allie on twitter is,"The Watcher" and it's not a standalone as the intended.

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