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January 09 2013

Enver Gjokaj to guest star on tonight's Law and Order: SVU. It airs on NBC at 9 PM.

Here is the press release for the episode. Jane Kaczmarek also guest stars.

Someone needs to give him his own show already. He deserves to be a regular cast member somewhere. RIP Dollhouse.
Happy birthday to me!

I caught him in a couple episodes of "Made in Jersey" the other night - I only watched because of him.

I agree, waterfallbooks, he does deserve his own show. Something that shows off his amazing talents. His singing, his dancing, his comedic timing, his uncanny imitations...hey! He should have a variety show! a la Carol Burnett. Now, that I'd watch!
the man can act circles around everyone in that cast. he needs his own show
Do you think his name will be Victor, and he'll be killed? Just wondering (I've set my DVR so I'll find out for myself...).
He was hot in that SVU role and was given quite a lot to do, unlike other guest starring roles he's had. I agree wholeheartedly Enver needs his own show. As the lead. Then he can win an Emmy. Hello? {{flick flick}} Is this thing on?

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