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January 09 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #17. In which a Chosen One meets an Old One and hilarity ensues (probably).

I didn't see this posted on the site over the last week, thought it was worth a metnion that Buffy made the top 100 at CBR for 2012! Kudos to the BtVS S9 team!
I thought the Dawn scene was done well. But I hope she's okay!
I'm a Dawn fan.
The letters column cracked me up, filled with Rah Rah Billy letters.
I just wish they had found a way to justify Billy having slaying abilities.
Otherwise he is just a kid risking life and limb and Buffy is letting him.
Seems irresponsible and likely to end with Billy's death. And Buffy's guilt.
Xander/Dawn scenes were amazing.
Buffy/Illyria scenes were pretty dull and disappointing in my opinion. I didn't understand how the characters knew where Severin's place is. Probably a pacing issue, it felt way too rushed for me.
Glad to see Devon back, even though his scene was not memorable, at least we know he's not just zapped from the story.

The big big big big problem with this issue is Jeanty's art. And believe me, I'm far from being a Jeanty-hater. The Xander/Dawn scenes were handled decently, the rest was nothing but ugliness. I don't think Jeanty is interested in Buffy anymore. Too bad.

Oh, yeah actually I didn't notice it. Thanks krissyjump !

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They knew where Severin's place was from the Matchstick demon. :)

I really loved this issue actually. It was very engaging overall and I'm beyond worried for Dawn. :(

Overall, I really like the cast of characters and hope Xander and Dawn (because she MUST get better or I'll...I don't know what I'll do yet but it'll be drastic!) continue to be a bigger part of the season like they are right now.
I agree with you Stelian. The Xander/Dawn scenes were really good. I didn't like how quickly they seemed to make light of Xander lashing out and smashing the bottle. They seemed to want to devalued how violent an action that was. Xander is losing it big time but I hope they don't use that reasoning to justify or excuse that kind of behaviour. I wonder if they intentionally mirrored Dawn's collapse with Renee's death scene back in S8. I would love it if they connected some part of what Xander is going through now back to that. The aftermath (or lack thereof) of Renee's death was such a cop-out.

Everything else was bad. Billy being there at all still makes absolutely no sense. And going by the letters column he isn't gonna be leaving anytime soon.

Buffy and Illyria finally meeting was so underwhelming. Seriously, the fans wait for near on a decade for these two to meet and this is the best they can come up with? Some boring council of demons and a couple of lackluster jokes? Ugh. Even having D'Hoffryn there couldn't muster up any sparks.

So Severin is back... I guess the part where we should care comes later? Right now what emotional resonance does this character have to Buffy? Why is he the Big Bad? I hope when they reveal his evil plan it is a good one.

And I have loved Jeanty's work from the very beginning of S8 but it has been weak for a while now. His Illyria is pretty bad. I don't know if he has lost interest in Buffy (I doubt it, seeing as how he is such a big fan) but his art definitely seems less inspired than it once was. At least it does to me.
I don't know how you all feel about it, but I think the REAL problem with S9 is that you can only feel Whedon's pattern in the very first issues which are amazing IMO. All the ideas in this season have been interesting, but Chambliss' stories are just poorly written. I mean, he's definitely not a Buffy writer. At all. (Except the 6-7 first issues)
I wish Super-Whedon could leave his new 1,000,000,000$ scoobies for a while to find a way to clean up this whole mess.

lizatwingomez, I agree with you about Allie. But I look forward to S10 more than the end of this one. That has to be the very first time I'm disappointed by a Buffy season. Yay, I loved the eighth season.
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I completely agree, Chambliss is not a Buffy writer. Every storyline this season could have been interesting had a competent writer been hired.
If you want to talk about anyone not being a Buffy writer, it's Scott Allie. He ruined what was arguably a crucial moment in Buffy's and Spike's history, and the arc right after the pregnancy arc is just... tough to get through. I love the comics and am excited about the conclusion of Season 9, I just don't know who to blame... Is it the lack of Joss? Allie's writing? They're all trying their hardest. Chambliss was probably too busy with Once Upon A Time to give Buffy his all, which, I don't blame him. OUAT is a fantastic show that he SHOULD focus on.

Anyway, still optimistic about these last arcs.
I wouldn't say that it's Allie since he's been on board Spike, Willow, and Angel and Faith which have all been pretty darn good to great at times. Buffy itself just needs some new blood (so to speak).

Chambliss and Jeanty are fine in limited doses, but a continuing Buffy comic might be better suited if it were a combination of both Seasons 8 and 9 styles, namely bringing in a rotating core of people. For example, have Chambliss and Jeanty for 1/4th of the comic "season", non-comic Mutant Enemy writers as available, but hopefully for 1/4th of the comic and paired with returning favorite artists, Joss for AT LEAST 1/4th and with his choice of artist, and comic-specific writers and artists for 1/4th.
I never thought I'd be that disappointed to see Illyria show up at last.
Or, oddly, that worried about Dawn.
Illyria was stunningly uninteresting, which isn't something I thought was possible. Hopefully that doesn't continue as the arc progresses.
Getting on board the Chambliss is not really a Buffy writer train. It's not only his fault, it's the plots themselves too, but un-Buffyesque plot plus un-Buffyesque writer makes it a disaster. The technological brain switch was Dollhouse--not Buffy--and written that way. This season has become too much of a one-dimensional action story instead of a coming of age ensemble story. I'm sick of police stations and hospitals. Always rushing from point A to point B with so little texture along the way. It feels more like Angel now, season 1-ish.

Maybe this Dawn plot can save things. I know Joss said his inception for season 9 was the magic disappearing mirroring what he perceived as a light dimming in our world lately--recessions, etc. Maybe Dawn's light will dim and this season will end amazingly with a fight back. Might this constant feeling that this is all just a pale imitation be acknowledged and will we get our Buffyverse back, or some evolved form, through Buffy's own actions? I have been wanting to see her as a team leader (as opposed to army leader) for awhile. As a new Giles. I hope Billy and all this stuff is leading somewhere like that, with her putting her head on her shoulders and confident in her experience for season 10, not used and confused as she's been in the comics thus far.
Honestly, I apparently liked this issue more than most others, for whatever reason. I haven't been a very big fan of this season, especially not lately, but last issue and this issue have been better than most. I'm still not over how Billy was introduced, and I probably never will be, but I do enjoy the character. I liked the Xander/Dawn scenes, and I even got some enjoyment out of the Illyria/Buffy/Koh stuff. Illyria wasn't written as best as she could have been, but it's difficult to write her. People are complaining that it was a let down, but I mean, what else were you expecting between Buffy and Illyria? I just liked seeing them interact and learning that Buffy knew about her; it was exactly what I expected, and I guess that's why I don't have a problem with it. Seeing D'Hoffryn was a nice surprise! And I'm a bit shocked that Illyria wasn't Koh's imprisoner; I wonder who it is? I'm assuming it's someone we know, or else it's just pointless (which is likely). I think bringing Severin back to suddenly was weak, especially since they're making him out to be the big bad now, along with Simone. They're just two lackluster villains that no one really cares about. And like almost everyone has said, the art isn't very good. But I'm not a Jeanty fan in general, so. This issue definitely wasn't the worst issue of the season (that goes to #15), but it wasn't as good as others either. It'll be tricky to make good issues from here on out, considering the meh plots and the meh writing. But things do seem to be getting more interesting with Xander and Dawn, so I just hope their involvement will at least give the season a good-ish ending.
Remember how the Buffy TV show had Whedon/Greenwalt/Noxon rewriting all or part of, what, every single episode? Remember how Joss did uncredited rewrites from scratch on several Season One episodes?

Yeah -- besides the shift in medium, which is a big deal (but shouldn't stop professional comics writers from doing good work!), that's the difference between the comic and the TV show. Whatever the editors are doing, they're not doing Joss's work, they can't, and that's life.

Angel: After the Fall had the same problem, I always said, but the writer could at least do a compelling comic-melodrama thing, however non-Angel-like, which lots of folks dug (I actually loathed that book by the end but liked some of his other stuff). Buffy S9 just doesn't...pop. The template issue, the S8 closer, was a tease. I forget who wrote that one...oh lemme check...siiiigh.

This site isn't called 'Whedon'swritingstaffesque.'
I actually didn't think this issue was all that bad. It's better than the last and I can feel the series building toward something.

I don't think it's the writing that's the problem...I just think that Buffy is running out of steam. Season 6 & 7 weren't the greatest overall seasons but they had their moments (Like season 9). I always said that the TV series ended at the right time.

I thought season 8 was great because it tired something completely new... but people complained it wasn't what we were used too. They go back to the basics for season 9 but people complain it's dull and that story lines are reused.

Angel and Faith is great because the TV series ended prematurely. There is still alot to say about the characters. With Buffy we'll either get the same old stories, new characters to drive the book, or something completely different. It seems that someone always complains but I don't really see any more options. I've said this before, maybe Buffy needs to "end". Make a series about Xander , Willow or Spike with Buffy making appearances. I don't think there is enough left of her to carry a book at the level of season 1-5.

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the "spark" is definitely missing. But, positives: I'm actually engaged by what's going wrong with Dawn and regardless of how underwhelming her appearance was (it was very underwhelming) Illyria *is* nevertheless here. There's still potential for something good (great, too) to come out of her presence in the book. We'll see.
I thought this issue was OK. I was really happy to see D'hoffryn! The thing I am missing from this season is a sense of cohesion. Each TV season AND season 8 had an arc that stretched from beginning to end, with smaller stories taking place under that arc's umbrella. This season, it seems we have taken some big side streets and are now swinging way back around to things hinted at earlier. I get that that umbrella is intended to be the loss of magic, but...we left Severin in the hospital ages ago, and his story wasn't impactful enough for me to care about him reappearing now. I wish he had been shown operating in the shadows this whole time. I'm really missing the continuity that made me love the show in the first place, but I'd also rather have these problems than have no Buffy at all. Also, the final comment about Billy in the letters pages has me wondering if they aren't going to find a way to grant him Slayer power...hmmm. I would love to see that happen.
I think it's definitely the writing and not the concept of BtVS that's the problem, but then I a) think season six was the best season of BtVS and that both seasons seven and eight suffered from being overstuffed with material rather than being too light on material, b) think that Angel & Faith, despite an uptick since #15, has been largely dire and I have never quite understood its popularity; I think it's been even worse than BtVS this season (I think the Family Reunion arc was the worst arc of either series in either s8 or s9) and its story has very little to do with AtS. Buffy 9.01 was great, and issue 6, which Joss reportedly had a greater amount of notes on, was one of the strongest issues of the season. When Joss is *there*, the comics have soared, in both seasons eight and nine. Vaughan and Goddard wrote great arcs and Espenson wrote a messy but overall good one. Gishler has written a decent but underwhelming Spike story and (for me) the jury is still out on Parker's Willow. Overall, I have not been impressed with Meltzer, Allie, Chambliss, or (sorry for dissent against popular opinion) Gage. I generally cut Allie a lot of slack, especially since he didn't anticipate that he was going to be writing the bulk of Last Gleaming and he even did okay with some of it, but his writing in the robot arc was bad. Gage, for the record, does well when he has an interesting enough plot, and he has a great habit of writing arcs which hit the ground running (I'm thinking #1, #11, and #16 in particular).

In the one-offs, I think (besides Joss) Espenson has fared the best; Greenberg was fine in "Predators and Prey" last season but I was disappointed by his issue in the Billy arc. DeKnight's "Swell" was okay but underwhelming; Petrie's "Living Doll" was good but with big problems; "Safe" was pretty bad; "After These Messages..." was a trifle with some thematic resonance and so was okay for what it it was. For me, there is a big enough differential in the quality of the product between issues written by Whedon (at the top) and some of his writers from the show as well as BKV (next down) and the various other writers I singled out that I don't like (at the bottom) that I do think that it is very much a matter of the quality of the line-by-line writing more so than the strength of the background story/potential for stories.

Regardless, I thought this was one of the better issues of Buffy season nine and don't see why it should be singled out negatively -- the Xander & Dawn conversation in the hospital is possibly the best thing that has happened in season nine since the Buffy-Spike conversation by the pool in #6. I'm not a fan of the way the Billy plotline has been executed (I'm not opposed to it in theory) but while the conversation with Cute Devon fell a little flat the portrayal of him having actual limitations and feeling out of place is probably the best material he's had since (some of) the Espensony writing in #14. The Buffy-Illyria plot is the weakest part of the issue and it's a disappointment because it is Illyria (and Joss had said that he had called dibs on Illyria) but it doesn't seem to be below the median that season nine has (sadly) set out. I found myself excited for the next issue to find out what is going on with Xander and Dawn, and excited in a way I haven't been since (guess when!) the end of issue #6.

I don't know if Chambliss is a bad writer per se or just a bad Buffy writer, or, perhaps, just a bad "BtVS comics writer as a side gig while his real job is Once Upon a Time" writer. I am beginning to suspect that there were heavy rewrites of "A Spy in the House of Love" (my favourite Dollhouse!). To be fair to him, season nine has been a difficult assignment, with the cast largely separate from each other by design; but there is MOSTLY very little spark. There are exceptions. The Xander/Dawn hospital conversation was good (though I am a bit sad we only really got insight into Xander there, not Dawn except in the capacity of Supportive Girlfriend). But much of it feels phoned in or not quite working. It might be that Buffy, either the character or the work, is not Chambliss' thing.

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My thoughts;
-I enjoyed the interactions between Billy and Devon
-glad severin is back in the fold (hopefully he dies soon)
-I sense a Buffy Simone confrontation soon (yayy!)
-Xander and dawns moment was needed
-I found Illyria and Buffy's introduction fitting given the circumstances

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I think a lot of people are being too hard on this series, Chambliss, and Jeanty. Buffy is still one of the most enjoyable 22 pages of my month. Sure, it's not Joss, but its a comic now, and like any comic (or TV series, for that matter) has its ups and downs. It can take some time to really get into the groove, and Chambliss is starting to understand their characters better. As for Jeanty, I'm a big fan of his art, although I agree that his Illyra could use some work.
I loved S8. I defended it to death against criticism that I didn't feel was fair. There's some issues of S8 that I consider up there with my favourite Buffyvervse stories ever (A Beautiful Sunset, NFFY, Goddess and Monsters, Always Darkest, Coda) and I think Whedon's scripts in particular were great. But aside from 9.01, I haven't been a big fan of S9 at all.

It was way too apparent that there'd been a change in writers from 9.01 - 9.02 and ever since the story has just been plodding along. I think Chambliss has a lot of trouble writing Buffy's character in particular which is a huge problem considering that the book revolves around her. And I've always defended Jeanty against the haters but I must say his artwork has taken a real nosedive this season. Does he just not care anymore? It feels like he's phoning it in. His Illyria is just terrible and these days Buffy has about the same 3 poses/expressions that just get recycled over and over again.

I'm really hoping for a complete overhaul in S10. I'm not giving up on the comics. As I said, I was a big fan of S8 and had a lot to say about it. However, it's very obvious Whedon isn't very involved with S9 and the story is suffering. We need a new artist and a new writer for S10. I would love for Joss to come back and write but sadly he seems more preoccupied with other things nowadays. So we need someone as talented as Brian K Vaughn who wrote the fabulous No Future For You.
Buffy seems unfocused and drifting; product put out to keep fans happy, but lacking the resonance it almost always had.

I would like to comment on the idea of Billy getting actual slayer powers. I think this would be a major betrayal of the storyline over more than a decade, of woman power and woman solidarity. I think it would open Joss up to a huge amount of criticism, unless somehow the idea that the male slayer is gay is somehow supposed to carry weight. I think this could ignite some real argument about what it means, but I think it plays havoc with all that Joss built up over the years and him abandoning it to make what many would see as a political point would hurt the brand. But then again, so much of this seems outside of Joss' purview these days as he moves on to bigger and better. I often feel the writers do not understand the nuances in a way the fan does and they do not understand how the text could be read. I am not sure Scott Allie has dealt with a lot of, say, cultural theorists... :-)

I am not articulating my point well, sorry.
S8's ending appears to have not just knocked out the spark in the world but any magic in the writing too since that lovely Joss-penned beginning. I am genuinely starting to get to a point where continuing reading just feels like a bad habit and the thought of not doing so is actually appealing.

(There's an extended Joss = seed of wonder/breaking/magic of story fading away after/metaphor in there somewhere.)

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Personally, I feel that Jeanty's art is the best feature of this last issue, warts and all. IMHO, the artist cannot create emotional content when there is none in the script given, and GJ is especially sensitive to the lack of thereof. For example in this issue his Xander - Dawn scenes in the hospital are really touching, because there is something for him to work with. I think he entirely looses focus though when he is not emotionally involved with the story, and there have been hardly anything in the story itself to hook anybody on since #10. Btw the whole 'Angel and Spike' in Illyria speeches rolled in together as an entity in a single wrapper - to by no means give either faction any ammo - is hilarious in its awkwardness.

Maybe Buffy needs a miniseries of her own - you know - to get away from the main book, and finally get some character development. :)

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I have Buffy #17,"Welcome To The Team Part II of IV."

First of all,I actually got and read my copy yesterday but was very tied up and couldn't post my thoughts until this morning.

First of all,I'm enjoying this arc much more than recent issues.It feels like there is some energy now which I felt has been missing from the Buffy side of season 9 most of the season.Plus the plot lines of this arc are much more interesting overall than it's been in ages IMO(The last interesting bit for me this season has been the robo Buffy twist due to it's more out there quality).

This issue does have problems but the plot is ramping up even if the execution is clunky.

My favorite part of the issue is all the Xander and Dawn/Xander stuff.That really raises the issue for me.While I don't want to lose Dawn,this really feels like payoff on the Xander and Dawn element this season.

On the Buffy and Illyria front(seeing them finally meet.I'm dying for a Buffy/Connor meeting next season),I liked the idea of it and the council(nice to see D'Hoffryn again) but think the scenes are a bit clunky.

If i remember,Joss was saving Illyria for himself to use in Buffy which is why Christos Gage couldn't use her in Angel & Faith.The irony is that Joss is too busy and ended up not being able to play with her himself but was still reserved for Buffy.I'm sure this was always the basic plot Joss was going to use her for in season 9 but i do wonder how different this issue and arc would be if Joss was writing it as I assume was the original plan(if he was saving Illyria for himself than I figure he was going to write this arc or co-write it).

How Koh is brought back in might nix the idea the idea in fandom that Illyria was the one who imprisoned him unless there is a twist coming where she reveals later on that she was the one who imprisoned him.At any rate,it seems Koh knows who/of Illyria and has great respect for her.

The return of Severin.This is one aspect of the season that I feel has been very clunky.He's supposed to be the big bad of the season with Simone but he's been absent since issue 4.Every season there has always felt like over shadowing threat of the big bad all season even if they aren't every episode(or in the comics arcs and one-offs).That hasn't been the case in my opinion this season.Severin and Simone too just haven't felt like a major threat to me and in Serverin's case,he's been gone most the season anyway.Over in Angel & Faith,the trio of Whistler and pearl & Nash have felt like a threat hanging over all season even when they weren't in the issues or arc.Same with Twilight last season.That I think has been absent on the Buffy side of season 9.

The cliffhanger resolve with Billy and Dowling wasn't much of a surprise.

So over all,I'm liking the plot lines of this arc more than recent Buffy issues but think the execution is off.
@jelly - I really liked your comment :) I think sometimes I get caught up in writing about the critisim and forget to mention that I still really enjoy this series. Dispite the problems I have, overall this is a great series compared to alot of other comics out there. It's still one of my entertainment highlights every month.
@Dana5140, I think you articulated your thoughts very well and I completely agree with your stance that giving a male Slayer powers could detract from Joss's woman power narrative. I should have been clearer- I was envisioning the Billy comment as perhaps suggesting that Billy might end up somehow being the recipient of some of Severin's stolen power, putting it to better use. I don't think they'd actually make him an official Slayer, but this is all obviously my imagination running wild with the crumb of an idea. I'm just a fan of the Whedonverse's penchant for allowing the underdog in a fight to find strength.
I thought Severin was in police custody
Meh. I thought it was alright. Not bad, but not exceptional either. I still think it's interesting that I am enjoying Angel and Faith more than BtVS...

I do wonder what this would be like if Joss were more involved. Not that Chambliss is a terrible writer, but I can't help but feel like Joss writing a few issues would give it the spark it needs. Of course, Joss is super busy and considering how little spotlight is being put on the comics compared to his other stuff right now, I think it's going to be a while before we even hear him talk about them.

Honestly I think the best thing to do would be to put Season 10 on hold until Joss really has the opportunity and desire to work with it.
I agree that there is a lack of a Big Bad, probably for the first time ever in the series. Season 9 feels a lot like Season 6, where "life" was the Big Bad. It could be the case that we can substitute "loss of magic" for "life". Severin and Simone are minor bad guys, in keeping with the toned down scale of this Season, but you can trace Willow's quest, the escalating zompire menace, and Dawn's illness all to Buffy's decision to break the Seed. Season Six had the Dark Willow arch to help end the season on a strong note. Hopefully "Welcome to the Team" and the subsequent arch will end Season Nine as strongly.
@WilliamtheB, get out of my brain.

Oh, and here's a long thing I wrote about early S9, which doesn't seem LESS relevant now.
Dana5140, I could not agree more with what a betrayal it would be to have a guy imbued with slayer powers. Yes, LGBT people are oppressed, and women are oppressed but that doesn't mean it's the SAME! (As you agree, I believe, just ranting). I think it is very possible that that's where this is going-- but I really hope not. There's a reason self defense classes are generally only offered to women-- and it's the same reason being a slayer should remain women only. A woman with the power to kick ass has a very different significance and cultural currency than a male character who can punch (or kickpunch??) really hard (yawn). There are umpteen thousand privileges and experiences that women are excluded from-- it's OK to have one little thing that doesn't include men, for gods sake. Now a storyline with a transgendered woman Slayer-- that I could get behind...
Personally I think that the problem with the series is that Joss' attention really isn't on it; I realize he is just too busy, but while this isn't so bad for 'Angel & Faith' is is a disaster for Buffy (she was always Joss' baby).

Illyria was a HUGE disappointment.... So she has her powers to move in time back (how exactly?) and now it won't destroy the world? Well, isn't that convenient. *eyeroll*
It all seems lame and badly written, and since I love Illyria (more than Fred, I know... I'm weird) I find it frustrating.

BUT I actually loved a lot about this issue! I definitely agree w/Fred_Soja (and others):
"Seeing D'Hoffryn was a nice surprise! "
It is fantastic to see D/Hoffryn again, he gives validation to this entire story line! Having a character who really was part of the TV show (who appeared at key moments and was always awesome) come and visit the comic is really satisfying and fun!

AND I loved LOVED getting the focus back onto Dawn and Xander, they were always the core of Buffy's world and they have been ignored for way too long. Of course I'm worried about Dawn, but that has a nice familiar feel to it (after all, worrying about Dawn is something we've done a lot since she first arrived!).

Finally, I'm not that caught up in the Billy drama playing out here in the discussion thread, it isn't like he has been given actual slayer powers.... I like finally getting a Gay man into the mix. But I have to say that I really truly love aphasia's comment:
"Now a storyline with a transgendered woman Slayer--that I could get behind..."
BRILLIANT! Me too!! That would be really validating and liberating and all kinds of awesome. I'm giddy just thinking about it! LOL
There seems to be such a consensus that, short of Joss coming back and paying attention to this book (stupid avengers!), what we need is someone with a Christoph Gage level of understanding of the world and the characters to write Season 10 for us. Or, at any rate, a consensus that someone else needs to be tried out. I don't think anyone's bashing... things just didn't work out and sometimes you have to break up, even though it's painful, and date someone new.
I also think this comic book NEEDS Joss Whedon, to write at least 2-3 issues during the season, and maybe some more input from him. Come on, Joss, write some issues, make the last season of Buffy in comics finish with a bang. Finish stories of Buffy and Fray, give us the ending, the satisfaction, the humor and tears, love and death, as only you can. Buffy is the biggest and most important project in your life and you can honor that.
Yes. :( I don't want to hate the Avengers. ... but I kind of do. I'm a jealous lover.
It's interesting to see that I'm not the only person who thinks that maybe Buffy needs to end. I love reading Angel & Faith, there's still lots of great stuff to explore with those characters. However, I feel like everything's been done with Buffy, and she's not that interesting a character anymore. Faith is a far more compelling slayer right now

Every issue of Buffy these season has been very "meh" to me. I feel like there's no reason for that book to exist. Nothing interesting is going on in it. We've talked about possible reasons why, but I think it's just Buffy herself. There's nothing left to explore with the character, while Faith and Angel still have a lot to give.
I completely lost interest in Faith the good rich girl this season, and the only reason I continue with S9 is Angel's and Willow's stories. As for Buffy, maybe she needs a change of venue - the idea of moving her to SF and separating her from everybody who cares about her/ and about whom she cares clearly did not work. I feel that the real reason for Buffy being a shadow of herself is because she as a character was put on ice waiting for the real story to unfold - that being the one happening in A&F and Wonderland.

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Why am I even still reading this? It's an addiction... the kind that makes you just feel ashamed of yourself after you've fallen off the wagon yet again. A&F has been excellent - good people are out there. Buffy needs to be blown up and handed off to another creative team, because I really have absolutely nothing good to say about it right now. What's wrong with Buffy S9? Everything. Everything is wrong. If there is a baby in this bath water, I don't care to save it.

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