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February 22 2004

Eurotrip stumbles at box office Box Office Mojo is recording a very poor box office debut for "Eurotrip" - the $25 million comedy grossed $6.6 million and came in fifth for the weekend. By comparison, 2000's "Road Trip" made $15.5 million on its first weekend.

I edited this description Sunday morning, when BOM updated its site.

Oww how the mighty have fallen. NO I am not being petty. Really not. Really.

Ah well at least the 'stupid sex teen comedy' phaze seems to have passed for now. About time too...
It might have made more money had it kept the original title "The Ugly Americans", some people may have thought it was a foriegn film.

To think of all the energy she expended in squeezing her arms together for more cleavage;-)
Box Office Numbers for Friday were as follows .....
Rank - (Last Week) - Movie - Gross - Theaters
1 - (1) - 50 First Dates - $7,000,000 - 3,612
2 - (new) - Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - $3,000,000 - 2,503
3 - (new) - Eurotrip - $2,400,000 - 2,512
Although - I'm guessing Everyone does not Love Raymond any more either
4 - (new) - Welcome to Mooseport - $2,200,000 - 2,867

Between the two new teen releases CTDG is playing in 9 fewer theatres and yet it made $600,000 more the MT's flick - how embarrassing is that.

I hope - soon, MT will stop suffering from Shatner syndrome.

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Is this Michelle's first movie since Inspector Gadget? If so, then she still has a looooong way to go. And it may be to her advantage to talk about her Buffy experiences more positively in her next interviews or at least be more careful about what she says regarding the show so she's not misquoted (if that's what happened with her comments recently).
I don't know why everyone is dissing MT about this. Even coming in as number 3 is a lot better that DB's Valentine ever did. And you know, simply being in a major motion picture (however trashy)gives an actor more visibility and a greater chance at work.
I think it sucks that CTDQ is doing better because I think that looks hideous. At least "Eurotrip" looks like funny drivel. This seems like a strange time of year to release it. It looks like more of a summer movie to me.

I can't remember who was in it now but wasn't there more than one moderately well known actors in "Road Trip"? It looks like MT is pretty much the only face in this one.
I think the film 'Eurotrip' sounds like trash, howeveri liked the character of Dawn (although far from my favorite), i think MT did all she could with the character Dawn, it wasn't her fault dawn could sometimes be written as annoying. I hope MT goes on to have lasting success, as do the rest of the BtVS cast.
For the record, Valentine grossed $10 million and was the #2 movie in its opening weekend. It ended up grossing over $20 million.

Valentine Box Office
I think we can all agree that the Buffy cast members need to start making some better movies. Valentine. Eurotrip. Scooby-Doo. Darkness Falls. Wrong Turn. It reads like a lengthy roster of suck. You'd think that actors accustomed to such excellent scripts would know stinkers when they read them.

That being said, all of the above (besides Eurocrap) are guilty pleasures of mine. And the American Pie trilogy is actually pretty good.
How many people in this thread have ever been involved in a film that grossed over two million dollars its first weekend? How many people in this thread have ever been involved in the making of a million dollar film? Alleged fans of the performers who breathed life into the Buffy series whining about the quality of their films? Pshaw! We should be thankful they're getting work. It is precious rare for any actor to find themselves in more than one project as great as BtVS more than once in a lifetime. The cast of the series have nothing more to prove. Everything else in their lives after BtVS is just gravy, whether you or I personally approve or not.
ZachsMind - Whoa, I never gloated over this. I think Michelle is a cute, talented actress who could have a successful career. It just looks like teen sex comedies have lost their allure among the public. It's worth remembering that the last movie of this kind to gross big was Alyson's "American Wedding" - which was a sex comedy set among college grads getting married, not randy teens.

(I do think the "YOU'VE never made a movie!" thing is a red herring, though. I hear lots of people critize Pres. Bush, but I don't tell them "YOU'VE never tried to be president!"
I don't need to make movies in order to have opinions about them nor do I have to in order to state those opinions.
Agreed, Prufrock. Hundreds of movie critics would be on the unemployment line if everyone had to make a film in order to have an opinion on one.
And I've never been a vampire, but I know what sucks.....
"And I've never been a vampire, but I know what sucks...."

Cleverly put. I agree. I'm not gloating over what in my mind is the crappyness of some of the actors' post-Buffy acting choices. If I think they can do a lot better, I'm certainly allowed to say it. And so I'm saying it. MT is a talented young actress. SMG is a talented young actress. May they find projects more worthy of their talents.
None of this reads to me like "disapproval", I think people are just disappointed because we all know how good these folks can be when they are given quality material. It would be nice if audiences who never watched Joss's programs got a chance to see that.

I do agree that any actor is hard pressed to find something as good as a Whedon project. It's got to be a little demoralizing to read film scripts that aren't even as funny as weekly television scripts that they were used to.

I also think it's a little difficult to jump from tv to movies. It's not as hard as it used to be but there are a lot of television actors who have followings bigger than our guys and it's still rare for them to be in quality projects. And I'm not sure if people who don't watch the shows have a good understanding of why fans like the actors. They probably assume it's because they are cute or something and just try to cast them accordingly whereas we all know they are fabulous actors with tremendous range.
Well if there was any gloating it was because of Michelle's snooty attitude towards her Buffy past which many of us simply considered ungrateful. And to do that while simultaneously acting like this 'Eurotrip' thing was finally good work she wanted to do....well, it squashes my feelings of sympathy a bit.

But no I'd never wish a bad career on her or on any of them. She's young and the success went a little to her head that's all.

Truthfully, if there's any feeling of satisfaction over this, it's that I'm happy to see this kind of crap is finally not so popular anymore.

As for why so many Buffy actors make crappy movies, well, they take what they can get. Of course they see it's crap, but they can hardly say that out loud. And no matter how good you are, or how good looking or how succesful you were on TV shows, to Hollywood you're nothing yet. Bankabillity of your name on a poster is all they care about.

Sarah, Michelle, Eliza.....they're just another bunch of pretty young girls to the movie studios. Eliza probably got the movies she did more due to 'Bring it on' than her role as Faith. Sad, but it's going to be tough for any of them.
Michelle's movie did better than Meg Ryan's though! I believe her new movie came in tenth place. I didn't like MT comments in the last post about her but I wish her and all the Buffy alumni well. They are trying to get their names out there and what appeals to some fans might not to others.

A lot of people might not have agreed with Alyson Hannigan's choice of the American Pie movie but it really got her name out there and she's pretty well known for it. If it gets your resume a second look - go for it. So maybe this particular movie isn't that great but it might show some execs that she has a range of doing serious work and comedy.

I don't have all the negative feelings towards SMGs choice in the Scooby Doo movies. They are fun and lighthearted and were totally different from her role on Buffy. And they helped show she has the range to do comedy. I'm also greatly looking forward to her upcoming movie, The Grudge.

And although I have nothing against MT, I have to agree with EdDantes that I'm not a big fan of these types of movies that use a lot of sex and gross humor as the plot and would prefer movies with more substance. Yeah, it's fun to see something like that once in awhile but when the theaters become saturated with it, it just seems like the same old movie over and over again.

There are a lot of other female actresses out their fighting for the same roles so it's just important to keep your name out there. Frankly, I'm a little sick of seeing the same actresses over and over like Nicole Kidman, Rene Zelweger(sp)Julia Roberts, Ashley Judd etc and would love to see some of the Buffy girls taking on these better roles but they have to prove they can draw a crowd first. Julia Roberts first movie "Mystic Pizza" was rather a flop and only gets shown a lot because of her later success.

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Actually Eurotrip has now fallen to 5th place for the weekend overall - bringing in only 6.6 million. The other teen movie CTDQ is still in 2nd place with 9.2 million for this weekend.

For all those who think this is MT bashing at it's finest - for the most part it's not but being a Hollywood observer type most of us know the adage your only as good as your last project. Right now Buffy is carrying her foreward just as Harriet the Spy carried her to Buffy, but if the films she makes continue to fail at the box office her stock price drops and all she will be able to do is 2-3rd rate films or 4th lead on a WB sitcom. We want to see her succeed but we also want to see that she does it in a way that gets her positively noticed Eurotrip is not it and for the record Lucy Lawlaess is also in this film and has garnered more press time then MT has for it - even though her part is significantly small. But have faith cause even Michelle Pfeiffer made Grease 2 and was able to have a career after that, so all hope is not lost. :)

[ edited by RavenU on 2004-02-23 03:53 ]
She also has some other promising projects in the works too so lets hope those go better for her than this did. I don't think anyone on this board wants to see her fail. People were just taken aback by some of her comments in a couple of her past interviews.
Michelle's next two movies are indie dramas: very different from "Eurotrip." I think she made "Eurotrip" to get her name out there and to just have some fun, not to recieve critical acclaim. And I think Michelle succeeded in those two things with this film.

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