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January 10 2013

(SPOILER) Spike: A Dark Place #5 preview pages. CBR has the preview pages for the delayed finale.

It says 1/16 the issue will be out which is next week.But Scott Allie has been saying 1/23. So are we getting the issue a week earlier?

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The preview is cool. I like the idea of Easter Island being a Hellmouth. I like the running statues ! The art seems better than in the previous issue. I'm kinda looking forward to this issue, I hope A Dark Place will turn out to be the "crucial arc of this season" that Allie has been talking about for a while, even though I doubt it.
I am very excited to see the resolution of this. Even more excited about Spike's appearance in Angel and Faith :D
No phone call from Xander yet?
Why a phone call from Xander ?
I think anca meant in reference to Buffy #17.

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