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January 10 2013

Reel Life, Real Stories interview with Joss Whedon.'s Christine Aylward sat with Joss in a (somewhat awkward but new-to-me) conversation on Much Ado About Nothing and his career.

IFC's Iconoclasts should do an interview with Joss Whedon. But, who would they pick to sit besides him is another question. Maybe they could do another interview with him and JJ Abrams. Just speculating. I think Joss is a better writer than Abrams is though. They did a great episode with Judd Apatow and Girls (a show that I love) star Lena Dunham.

Abrams and Whedon should do an Iconoclasts episode.

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I love the fact that Joss never shuts up!
Yeah I could listen to him talk all day. No way I'd sit through a 10 minute video of any other director talking. Well...maybe Tarantino.
A wonderful interview, if, as butterz suggested, the interviewer's style was a little awkward at times. But the questions ended up being great and, anyway, Joss doesn't need much of a springboard to start saying something worth listening to. So, the take home message was to beat the actors, right? Perhaps I should listen again.

Incidentally, I'd love it if Joss would write a book just so I could listen to him reading the audio version.
Wasn't there a charity auction some years ago, for a few people to have dinner (and conversation) with Joss? I suspect that would be an even bigger draw now, if he wasn't juggling movies/tv shows/internet events.
For me, the most exciting part of this interview is Joss saying he wants to still be telling stories in his 70s. That's not a given - Tarantino, for example, has said he wants to retire from filmmaking at 60. I mean, Joss is still young (only 48). But only now in this later stage of his career has he (a) made it big in Hollywood and (b) set up his own studio to tell lots of stories without delay and without interference. So it's great to know that there are at least two more decades (and quite possibly more) of Joss telling stories.

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