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January 11 2013

James Marsters would do anything for Joss. Especially if it involved working for him. Brief article about how James Marsters would love to work for Joss again. Fluff, mainly.

You know, it would help if you spelled out names instead of abbreviated them for no good reason. The headline really isn't that long.

Anyway, I doubt most actors would say no to Joss. Would be cool if he'd show up in Dr Horrible 2 as Billy's older brother who is secretly either a villain or superhero as well. Or something ... :)

edit: I see it has been fixed. Cool. Cool cool cool!

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Joss Whedon + James Marsters = > epic win. Hopefully, sooner or later...
Should be a Meat Loaf song, "I would do anything for Joss, oh I would do anything for Joss..."
Jim in Buffalo - That was exactly what went through my mind when I read the title. Perhaps Whedonites have similar minds?
Wait, when was he in Warehouse 13?
The Warehouse 13 episode has been filmed, but hasn't aired yet, I think. Thanks for sharing the article, Gill.
JM would like to be in S.H.I.E.L.D.? Oooooooooh, Capt. Picard Joss Make It So!

I wouldn't call this fluff; don't think I ever tire of James' sincere appreciation of Joss Whedon (Fluff is a certain topic in years past that talked about how bangable our Cappy is, or David B. jogging shirtless, just that, no story ... make that, dirty fluff).
Thanks for asking weblunx5, and thanks for answering roland; I was also wondering about the Warehouse 13 appearance (I never miss that show)!
I too would love to see Marsters in SHIELD. However he only seems to get the 'Whedonesque' casting call when Jane Espenson is involved and I don't think she is with SHIELD. I am looking forward to his Warehouse 13 episode!
I'd buy him a soda and I'd write for him if I had the opportunity and the capability. ;-)

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