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January 11 2013

Avengers 2 script should be done in a couple of months, says Whedon. "I've done the outline, I'm writing the script now." It's a nice red carpet interview video over on MTV News. He also talks about the SHIELD tv show which will be shooting soon.

Sooo exciting. I am ready for a more "painful" Avengers.
Wow there's a lot of little tidbits in there. What event was this? Because SHIELD starts shooting a week from whatever Tuesday he mentions.
gah! can't watch it from the UK :(
He'll be done with "The Avengers 2" script in a couple of months? Wow. I have a feeling Marvel and Disney want this movie a bit sooner than May 2015. Even when factoring in rewrites, pre-production, and scheduling the actors... very fast turnaround.
Looks like last night's Critic's Choice Awards. Putting the start of shooting on January 22nd.
2 years is pretty standard to make these huge blockbusters. Post usually takes a full year. The script won't be extra early. Film will still be in May of 2015.
For those of you like me who can't play the video.

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I remember from the commentary how many things we're being rewritten while shooting. So I almost wonder if maybe the process is quicker for him because once he has the story structured properly, there's an assumption that there will be changes while shooting.
Thanks for the text version eddy. That's super helpful. Since it also has the video embedded I've updated the entry to use that link.
I feel like the first draft will be done in a couple of months, and then surely the script will probably change a little bit by the time they start filming.

But it's all speculation of course. I'm sure whatever Joss will write, it shall be brilliant.

Bring on the pain Joss!!! :D
Aww, Joss sounds a little sick.
Concern. The sequel will be much harder than the original-and karma may be running in reverse direction. I shall hope for the best, but I am preparing for better!
Joss does sound a little bit sick (maybe just horse?), but really happy! I'm glad that this has been fulfilling for him (I know it will be for us too).
*sigh* It had been too long since I heard Boss's voice.

That settles it. Drama will abound.
Watching that just made me hyperventilate a little. And make small jumps up and down in my chair.

Avengers now please now Avengers please now?
"Pain might be the name of the game for Earth's mightiest heroes' next reunion, but certainly not for audiences around the world"

Someone hasn't watched Joss' stuff. :D

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