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January 11 2013

Tim Minear and Ensemble of American Horror Story Honored by AFI. Tell Tim he did good, here and at his Facebook page.

Tim posted at Facebook he attended a special honoree's luncheon with the bigwigs today, January 11, 2013, and here is the Certificate of Excellence: Tim's Photo.

Also, if you scroll down towards the end of the linked page, you will see American Horror Story: Asylum listed as an official selection by AFI for 2012. The ceremony was held on January 11, 2013, at which time all the awardees were given their certificate (see the photo Tim posted at Facebook, above).

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Congrats to Tim but am I missing where he is mentioned in that link?
Tim, I love it when the good guys win. This is so deserved (what, AFI couldn't include you, Murphy and Falchuk in the gallery of photos of today's luncheon, but there's Leonard Maltin!).
Also, "Game Change" (written by Danny Strong) was one of their TV selections of the year.

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