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January 12 2013

Joss Whedon talks Star Wars Episode VII. He would love to have the Star Wars gig but he's already got the Avengers/Marvel job and is tied up with that.But he does have some thoughts on Episode VII.

I wonder if Joss Whedon had asked Disney, would they have let him direct it or would they still have been too scared to take a chance on him even after the Avengers success? Why or why not?
Judging by their willingness to take a chance on him with the Avengers, I find it hard to imagine why they would (in such a hypothetical scenario) find his ability to deliver a cause for concern.

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I bet they ask him to read through the script to make sure there is "a little anarchy in the mix."

And yes Joss, many of us did miss the "Han of it" in Episodes I-III.
I'm sure if he didn't already have his Marvel deal through 2015,Joss would be on the list of directors out there who are rumored or been approached.But with Joss's Marvel deal,I'm sure that took him off Disney's and Lucasfilms list.He's already working for Disney on there other big muilti platform franchise
Its a wonderful (or maybe Whedonful?) world we're living in when Joss has *too* much work and he has to pass on projects! lol
I bet they ask him to read through the script to make sure there is "a little anarchy in the mix."

If you're saying that he's saying that they should throw the Joker into the mix, well then...
Maybe he can find a few weeks to touch up the script?
He's so right. No Han = no humor, and that was a real problem. (The various droid pratfalls aren't really that funny, and don't skewer the portentousness that Han's comments always did.)
A touch up would be cool, and possible giving his standing with Disney now. It'd probably just be to add some dialogue flair/humour/Han.
What? No Jar-Jar?
Well personally I'm glad Joss won't be involved since I really disliked the Star Wars prequels (episodes I,II and III), and the 're-editing/imagining' of the original Star Wars (Han shot first) so I've written George Lucas off. If Joss got involved (even just as a script doctor) then I would have to go see the continued annoyance of George Lucas milking this franchise for all he can get.
/end of fan rant>
Even if he didn't have Avengers, he might be a little character-killy for Disney to want him running that franchise. Han Solo would still be encased in Carbonite today.
A number of Whedonverse people have written for Star Wars Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network Doug Petrie is one of the those writers. Recently on The Nerdist Writers panel he has talked about how he would really like to move to the features side and make movies. Maybe a Whedonverse writer will become a director.

Lucas' daughter has also written for the series so maybe she is a possible choice.
"It got very portentous"? I think whoever was taking notes misspelled 'pretentious'...
Nope - portentous is a word (although they mean pretty much the same thing, in context.)

ETA: I use it.


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brinderwalt, I would suggest that you failed to see the "/sarcasm" in jclemens post.
I'm fond of portentous, such a meaty word, and from the Latin. Just another reason to love the English language; our words were formed from so many origins. Too bad, really too bad Joss isn't available because he would take the bloviated puff right out of the story.
"If you're saying that he's saying that they should throw the Joker into the mix, well then..."


What you did thar... I seen it!
Ekk! Run away as fast as you can, Jane!
Keep your filthy Hans off my Jar Jar. (Or don't.)
I know there are many ethical dilemmas tied to cloning, but I feel the advantages of having a second Joss Whedon to write and direct a new Star Wars trilogy should supersede those concerns.
@WindTheFrog LOL!

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