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January 12 2013

Buffy/ Twilight Mash-up is legal! I've never been more happy to be wrong. Jonathon has won his copyright case and his video has been restored to YouTube.

I saw this this morning. Very surprising but good news.
I wouldn't say it's legal (or not legal) or that's there is a won case, as YouTube just restored it and nobody commented. Studios can still do as they please.

It's definitely a sign of a broken copyright system, though. In my opinion fans should be able to make not-for-profit videos like this.

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Using copyrighted material for satirical comedy has always been legal and it was really ridiculous for anyone (was it Fox again, or the owners of Twilight? Oh I see is was Lions Gate, who knew they were as bad as Fox?!) to complain about it is just an attempt at intimidation. It is obviously different if a fan is trying to make money off of someone else's creation, but this looks like satire to me (at least I think it is hilarious).

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I'm so glad for him :) It was well done, and I now know why I'll never watch any of the Twilight series. That was really creepy. I'd rather deal with the Uber Vamp than Edward any day.
I don't understand the whole legality issue that was talked about in the other topic, but at the very least it seems Lionsgate could have been a lot more politic (in the good way) by realizing how many people even became aware of Twilight because of this non-profit educational satire, thus profiting from it.
This is the first time I've seen the video and I hadn't even heard about it until it recently. Apparently, I've been living under a rock for the past decade or so. Perhaps it's just my aversion to Youtube and/or Twilight?

Anyway, I can't see the point of any of this legal crap. Which makes me wonder if it's really just about money. A video with over 3 million views is nothing to sneeze at. Whatever the case, it's always nice to see someone sticking it to The Man. So well done, Jonathan!
He won? Good for him. Saw that video several years ago & thought it was hilarious.
The right for creativity won over corporate evil spirit.
Same result. Buffy came, saw, kicked his ass into kingdom.

Wonderful video, I'm glad it's back up; though I agree with gossi that there is no definitive legal judgement here and that's something to be regretted.

Personally, I love this extra-creepy version of Edward even more than the real, only slightly less creepy one! I like my vampires dark and twisty. I also love the final shot of Buffy with the stone angel behind her, making it look for a moment as if she had wings. I wonder what episode that is from.
Maclay: I think it's from "After Life".
No court has made a decision about legality, because that would be very interesting. But it appears Youtube has accepted (for the time being) Jonathan's claim on fair use.

I know of vidders who appeal effectively on a regular basis and have vids restored after take downs.
hehe! love the fact buffy sticks it to edward
Fantastic! And as another plus, the video is getting more attention. Anything that helps point out what's so grossly wrong with Twilight beyond the poor writing and skewed vampire lore (i.e. that stalking/controlling/codependency/suicidal thoughts are not romantic and are not okay) should be spread around, noticed, and thought about.
First time I've seen the video. I don't watch nor am a fan of Twilight. Looks like Twilight has alot of tropes that Buffy skewered a decade ago.
Yes, sorry for the fanwank there,- I was so happy the results were so good my post did not state things properly. :-)
ghostofdurutti, many thanks!

Wola B., not everything classicly romantic is terribly healthy, as I'm sure you realise and may even intend to point out. Try Wuthering Heights, for an example that builds nicely on the the eighteenth century Romantic movement and which is not at all grounded in virtue and well-being. Or try Spike or Angel. Which is not to defend bad writing and authors with a lack of self-awareness about how darned kinky they are. Jane Austen is nice and safe, though, and even mixes prudence in with virtue. But if you are going with vampires, a bit of unhealthiness, a bit of gothic, a bit of passion exceeding wisdom, a bit of danger and even self-harm, all seems nicely in place. Mistaking this for an ideal to look for in real life would be a horrible mistake, of course. Finding in it something that speaks to one, now that's another matter.

ETA reading that back it sounded rather patronising. Sorry if if that's how it comes across, it wasn't intended. Jonathan McIntosh's video is great at pointing out how weird the whole Edward thing is, though. I just like the weird.

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As a video editor myself, that thing could have been a masterpiece if there had been some blue/cool color correction on the Buffy side.
Wow, I'd found this a couple of years back, and totally loved it. (And so did all the people I forced to watch it...) I didn't know it had been taken down! I'm very happy it's been brought back, good for him.

Chris Oz, I think he says somewhere in the description that he purposedly didn't change the colour schemes in order to allow people to evaluate both stories separately. *edit* Oh, I found his explanation, here.

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