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"Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"
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January 13 2013

That Joss Whedon's got some moves! Yahoo! was at the Critic's Choice Awards and they spotted Joss dancing at the after party. Skip to 2:06 for the after party. Its a very small bit but it's great.

Ha wow Joss has some smooth moves
Oh my, that was a glorious couple of seconds. Great find, eddy!
I keep replaying those 3 or so seconds over and over! =D I need a gif now!
In Dr. Horrible 2, he needs a cameo where he dances. Please.
Joss has great moves, and I would love to hear what Joss would bring in his survival kit (I would want a book on how to recognize edible and/or poisonous plants).
Ahhh I want a gif of this too! Anyone? xD
That's it?! But still, in that small divot of time and space, he gives much but leaves you wanting so much more.
I think we have a new annoying panel request to replace Numfar's Dance of Joy.
I really hope that all media now refers to him as "sneaker-clad Avengers director Joss Whedon".
Erm.... Numfar do the Dance of Joy.....
Smooth moves. Is there anything this guy can't do? Probably synchronized swimming lol
I want to see that again with a Joss Whedon commentary track.
katysha, joss can't swim. So synchronized drowning, maybe.
Oh c'mon, where is that gif that should've been here by now? Tumblr failed me.
*chanting* Gif! Gif! Gif!
*joins in* GIF GIF GIF!!!
Grrrr... the video source on this one is proving to be a bugger to track down.
brinderwalt, you can get the source file if you download streamtransport and put in the site's url.

* And whatever you decide to do with it is entirely on you.

I am happy now.
My life is now complete.

Is that the Dance of Joy?
Awesome brinderwalt!

Thst Gif needs prompt placement on the masthead so that we will forever have access to purple toe tapping.
Joss is cooler than Buddy Love ("Now watch baby, every move a picture").
He can bring whole cities to ruin / And still have time to get a soft shoe in.
Thank you brinderwalt!
brinderwalt, you hero!
Thanks for that gif brinderwalt!
That's three seconds or so of pure awesome right there!!! Made me smile.
That's just awesome, that Gif is gonna go viral haha...
I know someone - alasness, not me - who said Joss is a great mover and a really enthusiastic dancer.
I can attest to THAT!

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