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January 14 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2014 Wall Calendar now available for pre-order. It features pictures from the show and artwork from the comic books. There's an interesting fact on the back of the calendar, the Buffy DVDs have sold over 11 million copies internationally.

It's about time they started to use the comic artwork, the previous calendars were all starting to look the same.
I like the layout (and the illustrations they used of course), well-done!

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Wow. I just put up the new 2013 one! Of course, this won't be out until August...
The 2013 one is the best in a while. I really like it. I think the comic one is a good idea, but I wish we had a choice between that and a TV based one. Many Buffy fans don't read the comics. I personally won't be getting it because I didn't care for season 8. I don't want to be reminded of the whole Twilight story line. But artistically, the covers were lovely, and I can see where this idea has merit.
I just wish there were a choice, and I'm a little bummed that this may be the end of an era for show calendars.
On another note a good portion of those 11 million DVD sets are mine. ;)
Cool! I've been saying for years they should make a calendar with comic images. I was thinking about getting this, as I still need a 2013 calendar--then I realized it's 2014. Oh well, maybe next year.

I do think it's an improvement over the past designs; they didn't quite work for me.
Finally! I've been waiting for DH to hop on board with the calendar gig. Geez.
Xane I agree. I'd rather they made a strictly comic calendar and a strictly TV show one, since they're actually separate entities. And, as you said, not everyone reads the comics.

I still wish I had a way of actually printing my calendar out. Of course, I'd have to spend some time in Publisher changing the year (I can tell it to do that, but then I have to put all the elements back in) since I did it a couple years ago. But I used pictures from the episodes, rather than publicity shots and did collages.
I really like the mixture of tv and comic images. Mixed media is interesting. I think the variety will make me less likely to get bored with the calendar, which I have been with the past few calendars that all have the same publicity shots over and over. I'll have to get this calendar.
OMG, we are truly living in a new dimension or alternate timeline! I never thought the template for that calendar line would ever be given a moment's attention. Bravo. Did a new calendar company buy the product license?
Season 8 wasn't so good, but the pictures are pretty. Looking forward to this one.
11 million seems low to me.
According to this site

Finding Nemo is the highest selling DVD in the U.S. with 23 million alone. 11 million worldwide for Buffy sounds right.
Is that 11 million total or average per season? Because 11 million spread over 7 seasons does seem low-ish.
Doesn't "internationally" sometimes mean "excluding the US" in examples such as this?
Seems weird for them to not mean worldwide, no? Why would they only have international numbers to release?

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