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January 14 2013

(SPOILER) New photos of Felicia Day's return to Supernatural. The episode, entitled "LARP and the Real Girl", airs on January 23rd.

Nice, she was literally the only good thing about season 7.
LOL at the title of the episode!
Awesome! 'The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo' actually got me watching Supernatural again, so I'll be looking forward to more Charlie.

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LARPing at that level looks like such fun; such lovely costumes. All I ever managed was running around in the scrub on the side of hill and getting grumpy. I'd love to catch up on Supernatural (I'm up to the end of season 5) but it may take a while to find the time and money for the DVDs. Even more, I'd love a whole TV show devoted to Felicia Day being intrepid and thwarting supernatural evil.
@Maclay They have season 6 and 7 on Netflix.
Thanks very much krissyjump. I don't have Netflix and am in the UK, but if they have it on UK Netflix I'll have to join up.
Maclay, they are also to rent on DVD/Blu-ray at Lovefilm.
Thanks Simon, I should have thought to check there too. I'll get onto that. I've been missing the Winchesters and would like to catch up.

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