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January 15 2013

River Tam and the Weaponized Women of the Whedonverse. This essay originally appeared in the 'Serenity Found' anthology.

Not a bad grasp of the issues, although I think she doesn't give the Buffybot enough credit.
The author seems to have some Warren issues.
The book was published in 2007, which makes me super surprised that the was no mention of Echo. A woman who started off with less personality than Buffybot and transcended object status to find her true identity (identities), sure the transformation process was much abridged from Joss's original 6 or 7 season plan, but it certainly happened.
Dollhouse came out in 2009 so that's why there was no mention of Echo.
Wow, I didn't remember there was such a large gap between Firefly/Serenity and Dollhouse.
Yes, it was the wilderness years when the only new Joss stuff was Astonishing X-Men.
And don't forget Dr. Horrible, Simon ;P

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