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January 15 2013

Fan-made full-length live action shot-for-shot remake of Toy Story. Group identifying themselves as JohanasonsMovies have produced a full-length shot-by-shot 'remake' of Toy Story (based on Joss Whedon's Oscar-nominated screenplay).

Included: stop motion, strings, you name it. The soundtrack is the original. The Facebook page for the creation is here. Several papers, including The Hollywood Reporter, have picked up the story.

I've seen this a few places. Tremendous amount of love involved. Wow.

Did Joss "write" Toy Story, as it were? I thought he was one of like six or seven.
The guys and gals of Pixar certainly praise what Joss did for the script in his role as a script doctor, but yeah...he was one of several who worked on it.
I love it! The fact that they were able to recreate this using actual toys just shows what a gem this movie was from Pixar and how much it captured our hearts and imaginations.
That video shows a lot of love for Toy Story.

This article is the most I've seen on Joss' involvement on Toy Story. See section II.

How much time altogether did you end up investing in the project?
Joss: More than six months. It was not a polish; it was a rewrite, and with animation you’re writing with every visual. Every shot is up on a board somewhere, so you’re writing in great detail.


I went up to Pixar [the Northern California-based animation studio which produced “Toy Story”], and stayed there for weeks and wrote for, I think, four months before it got greenlit, and completely overhauled the script. There was some very basic things in there that stayed in there. The characters were pretty much in place except for the dinosaur, which was mine.

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This is incredible. They really went to infinity and beyond with this!

I still can't get over the fact that Joss Whedon was involved with Toy Story. It makes me so happy to know that I was a fan of his before I even knew who he was. And before I could even walk.
That makes two Joss projects with dinosaurs...grr, now DIE!
Toy Story's been out 17 years?! It really doesn't feel that long ago.
@Like With Pie: Same here! I loved Toy Story to pieces, even got the VHS and OST releases. And I was, what, ten?

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