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January 16 2013

Buffy Season 9 nominated for a GLAAD Media Award. The rest of the nominees in the Outstanding Comic Book category are Astonishing X-Men, Batwoman, Earth 2 and Kevin Keller.

Buffy Season 8 was nominated for Outstanding Comic Book three times and won it back in 2009.

Wonderful news; it would be very nice and fitting to win this again and I hope it does. Some other great contenders on this list, though. When Batwoman launched (with Greg Rucka writing) it did a nice job of communicating what is like to be gay without letting it define the character. Rucka isn't working on it now, though, and I don't know how well that has continued. Great character, though.
I've never read a Kevin Keller book, but it seems to me bringing a gay character into the Archiverse is something to celebrate.
I'm glad Buffy was nominated, but I can see this going to Batwoman or Earth-2 justifiably. I would probably nominate Buffy simply for having Willow doing her thing, and being central to storylines and incidentally lesbian, sooner than I would celebrate the rather boring two-partner (by two writers I like!) which introduced Billy.

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