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January 16 2013

Much Ado About Nothing to show at the Glasgow Film Festival. It will close out the festival on the 24th of February. ETA: Tickets for the showing can be bought here.

I live in Belfast, that's tempting.
I live in Scotland, so it's even more tempting! How do you find out where it's on? Is it at the GFT? And can anyone just book it in advance yet?
Tickets are on sale from tomorrow - I would guess just through the GFT website. I'm very near Glasgow so will definitely be trying to go.
I live within a couple of hours drive so it's even more than even more tempting. Super, mondo... Exponentially.

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those of you can make it======please report
Game of Thrones cast members, John Wagner (creator of Judge Dredd), and Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar are also appearing at the fest.
Now bring it to PIFF next month...
When I read the line, "set entirely in his house", I initially parsed it to mean that the festival's opening and closing movies were going to be shown in Joss's home. (He has a place in Glasgow now?)
Tickets are on sale now - must've started at midnight. Already half gone!
This offering sounds brilliant:

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, Disney’s classic Peter Pan, Hebridean caper Whisky Galore and chilling drama The Dead Calm will all be show aboard The Tall Ship berthed on the Clyde, while the Grand Ole Opry club will host a Calamity Jane barn dance.
Man it is tempting ! I'm studying in Leeds, northern England this year, I could totally go. I have to decide soon.
The organiser seems to think Joss will be there.


And I added a link to the tickets, there's a small new promo pic on the page.
Glasgow is 1,500km north-north-west from where I live - still it's tempting :) ... but too far away ... :(
It's almost sold out.
What is it about Scotland and premieres of Joss Whedon films?
Just got mine and my brothers. Not many seats left at all, think I got the last pair of central-ish ones :) Travelling from Hull and Leeds. Just booked a cheap hotel 2 mins walk away too. Shiny!
Milson, which hotel?
All but one ticket sold and that was between me getting registered and ordering. Oh well. He who hesitates...
@gossi 'Easy Hotel' its a budget hotel 2 mins walk away
Ah dammit, wish I'd seen that sooner. Wouldn't mind a trip to Glasgow :(
I hope you all will make a party of it and post photos (I hope Joss shows up!). I'll be waiting until MAAN opens in Chicago (June 7th) - I wish it was sooner!
@embers: Is there a link about which theaters in the Chicagoland area will be showing it? All I can find right now are article snipets that say the movie gets limited release on June 7th (which sometimes means just NY and LA), with a wider release two weeks later.
Stupid me ! I had the chance to get a ticket but it took me too long to decide. I'm gonna hate myself forever if Joss shows up.
OneTeV, last November 29th we learned (posted here at Whedonesque) that on June 7th Much Ado would open in five markets, and then broaden on June 21st. I agree with you that NYC and LA will be two of those five markets, and I'm just assuming that some lucky theater in Chicago will be included in that early opening. I live in Iowa, and there is no reason to believe that any theater in Iowa will get it by June 21st so I plan to visit my brother in Chicago for the early opening.
Thanks embers.
The early screening for Serenity (way back when) was at AMC River East. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on that theater when June arrives.
AMC theaters do show some independent films, so it might show there, but I would not conclude that they would necessarily show MAAN just because they showed Serenity. Serenity was a studio made/produced movie being released through the normal commercial movie theater chains, while Much Ado was totally independently made/produced. However I'm confident that our cohorts here at Whedonesque will keep us apprised of exactly which theaters will be showing the film and when (I'm very excited about June 2013!).
Woo hoo I got a ticket traveling from Newcastle upon Tyne

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