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January 17 2013

Alphas cancelled. Sadly Alphas, the excellent SyFy series Summer Glau guest-starred in several times, is no more.

I never saw it. Is it worth watching on DVD?
It's a very good show that has now been somewhat devalued by the brutal cliffhanger that concludes the Season 2/series finale.
I'm not surprised that Alphas has been cancelled, but I really liked Summer's character on that show, and I had been hoping that she might even be made a regular. Oh well, it frees up her time in case Joss thinks of something for her to do with S.H.I.E.L.D.!
I never saw it. Is it worth watching on DVD?

Short answer - yes (even counting the now permanent borderline cliffhanger ending.)
I have only seen Season 1 and part of Season 2.

It is worth watching. And I wish I had kept up with it.
It's a travesty. I really enjoyed the show. Another SyFy cancellation makes me wary of watching Defiance.
I am seriously bummed out buy this. Just got into it a few months ago and now it's gone. What a surprise that show was. Exceptional÷y good character work and really entertaining stories. I hope they put out S2 on DVD still ... somehow that sadly isn't guaranteed anymore (it really rubs me the wrong way when fantastic shows that only got 13 episode but raving critical appreciation don't get a DVD release like Terriers, Awake and the like but it's even crazier when shows in their second season don't get another DVD release these days)
That's OK. Now SyFy can add yet another reality ghosthunter show to its line-up. @@ :(
Unfortunately if a show can't get enough traction to survive on a low rated basic cable channel it simply isn't profitable to release on DVD. A show like Alphas and the dearly lamented Terriers have serious upfront costs associated with a DVD/BD release that would probably not be recouped by the studios that made them. And the studios are already seriously in the hole on series that are quickly cancelled. Studios usually don't break even on TV shows until they are many seasons in. Can't throw good money after bad. Sad but true facts in the new media landscape.
We really are fortunate to have gotten cancelled shows like Firefly and Wonderfalls on dvd. After that happened I thought it became a foregone conclusion that all newer shows would get dvd releases. I'm also sad that Better off Ted season 2 is not on dvd. Not to mention never getting to see the rest of The Inside! My collection feels incomplete without these shows!
Well, phooey. I really liked "Alphas."

Disappointing, to say the least. Alphas was one of my favorite shows currently on television (with one of my favorite characters. Gary was just wonderful).

SyFy's really destroyed its image in my view recently, ever since the rebranding. Sanctuary and Eureka (which admittedly had healthy runs, but still seemed as if they were cut off prematurely), SGU, Alphas, Caprica... Really looking forward to Defiance and High Moon, though I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I would actually feel more confident of them lasting longer if they were on Fox.
Another idiot move? Ok, that does it. SyFy just became another background network. Good riddance. And watch your back, Warehouse 13 and Haven, because you're next.
WH13 and Haven have both been renewed for another season and WH13 is their highest rated scripted show ever. It will be around for quite some time. I love Lost Girl and Being Human. Also enjoying Continuum and am looking forward to Defiance. And RDM's new pilot with them sounds intriguing too. Lots of good stuff still on Siffy!
WH13, Haven, Lost Girl and Being Human are all very good. I will miss Alphas, as I thought it was what Heroes could have been if Heroes had interesting, likeable characters. The pilot of Continuum was excellent, plus it stars Rachel Nichols, of The Inside. I'm glad to see her back on TV again.
I just hope that this doesn't add another supposed nail to the tired BS coffin about Summer Glau killing shows. Doubt it will, since she was only in 3 episodes...but the people who go on about such things tend to ignore things like facts and logic ;P

Still...big disappointment that SyFy did this. I though the show was very well done and having someone like David Strathairn as their Professor X figure? Spectacular!
Neither Continuum nor Lost Girl are SyFy originals, though. Both are Canada's Showcase. WH13 and BH (I guess the remake is technically theirs...) are decent, and Haven I like. I'm sure I'll always keep up with most of their scripted fare, but it does get frustrating when the shows I enjoy most don't make it.
I can't see why season 2 of Alphas wouldn't be put on DVD. Season 1 is on DVD and yes, there are costs involved but many fans just want the episodes for collection and viewing. The biggest costs are in the production associated with making menus and special content. Bones season 1 was the simplest thing ever. Very little special content and it was even double sided to keep costs down.
the ninja report, trust me when I tell you I know an insane amount about DVD costs and sales. Really. It's almost like I worked in exactly that business for several years.

Bones easily sells 5-7 times the amount of DVDs that Alphas does. Easily. Bones is also a VERY profitable show for 20th. Alphas was neither a profitable show for Universal Cable productions nor did it get sufficient ratings on Syfy. It might still get released on DVD but it will be a risky proposition for Universal and they may not make their money back. I really enjoyed the show though. I wish it had been able to generate an audience large enough to sustain it. I'm sure Universal and Syfy did too.

Some shows simply don't get popular through no ones fault. I know we want someone to blame but as with most things in real life, there really is no villain here.

zombiecow, Syfy licenses all their shows and whether they are made originally for a Canadian audience, US audience, or UK audience doesn't matter to them. They aren't a studio and don't produce any of their content.
SyFy started this cancellation trend with shows that I really enjoyed like The Dresden Files and Flash Gordon. Honestly, I quit watching SyFy because the shows always end in this kind of disappointment... Cancelled before their time.
Bull with this empathy for SyFy.

They had a terrific show on the verge of greatness and proved themselves cowards and creeps in the junk reality and Canadian pick-up biz.

We should spare as much empathy for them as we did Fox with Firefly, as in none.

I suggest that, aside from Lost Girl which warrents support as a Northern product and a feminist show, we robustly boycot and loudly dis whenever possible this trash network.

The fact is, nearly every show we love needed a champion at first. Alphas got a band of craven cowards and we got nothing.
Ha! If only all the networks and studios were non-profits and could lose money forever on all shows to keep us happy. :) If they had to do that then no one would ever try anything risky at all.

If Fox and Syfy had to guarantee 7 seasons to every show it puts on the air then Firefly and BSG would have never existed. Fringe would have never existed. Dollhouse certainly would have never existed. All shows made would be NCIS and American Idol. Safe. Plain. Boring.

I'll enjoy that sometimes networks swing for the fences and mostly strike out or get base hits because every once in a while they hit a glorious grand slam. :) Only 33% of new shows even make it to a 2nd season. Alphas already beat the odds.
Yeah, yeah, the age-old problem of creativity vs money making... Doesn't mean we have to roll over and take it meekly when the good ones are canceled!
Yeah, yeah, the age-old problem of creativity vs money making... Doesn't mean we have to roll over and take it meekly when the good ones are canceled!

I believe I understand what state you're coming from (that of grief) but, honestly, is anyone really that surprised by this particular turn of events? I mean - yes it had some awesome bits (specifically Rosen and Gary) and it had above average performance regarding adhering to its own logic, but it had its fair share of poorly formed characters and uneven writing as well. To be honest, the only thing that surprises me is how long they waited to make the decision.
Well, let's be honest: Imagine if Buffy had been axed after one season--would anyone really have cared all that much beyond thinking of potential never realized?

And Angel after that terrible first season? And Dollhouse?

For whatever reason, Joss' shows--aside from Firefly--have a sort of incubation period--and they require nets willing to support that period (or destroy them.)

It's really disturbing to hear people side with SyFy. A network dedicated to crap and idiocy and imports. Poor SyFy.

Alphas was on a clear upwards trajectory. Inarguable. It was crazy ambitious, the only show willing to take on agism, US torture state fetishism, the end of privacy and, well, law in the US, on defining disability, on fragging patriarchy while creating one of the most nuanced ruined father-daughter relationships on TV and TONS more.

And it was incredibly cheap. One episode they *could afford a small explosion*. So they showed a device all melt-y after it had blown up off-stage.

The show was up and running. It would, as any rolling pebble down does, gain an audience. Instead of gambling on more garbage SF, SyFy could have focused on this and eventually had a library to sell.

But no. We MUST have more reality ghost and make-up FX shows.

The up-sde: we know that SyFy, like AMC after firing its second Walking Dead showrunner, isn't a net to be watched, but one to be punished with our extreme

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