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January 17 2013

10 decent movies that were doomed by unfair memes. io9 places a familiar one at the top of the list, although "decent" certainly undersells it!

Let Me In was a good movie that paled in comparison to Let the Right One In, which is in my estimation one of the greatest movies ever. Which makes one wonder why do it?
Someone else agrees with me about Jennifer's Body! I'm not alone in the universe!
I liked these reviews, I know I skipped movies (not necessarily these movies) because I 'heard stuff' that made it seem unnecessary/a waste of time. Of course I always get frustrated at anyone who skipped 'Serenity'!
Saw 'Jennifer's Body' and would have to agree with the meme on that one.
I can't believe it but I fell prey to this meme thing. Despite getting a massive "geek-on" from the John Carter trailer, I skipped the movie because of all the negative buzz. BIG MISTAKE! I loved it when we rented it. Now I regret having not seen it on the big screen. If you haven't seen it yet, its definitely worth the two bucks at RedBox.

(And when did we start calling "movie buzz" meme's? I thought that was especially assigned to things like Rick Roll...I'm so old.)
Have to say I never felt Jennifer's Body balanced the tones it was trying to hit, but it was better than its ad campaign. Good God, does anyone remember the commercials for Serenity, speaking of bad ad campaigns? My kids are big John Carter fans, me not so much. And I am in the minority in being a person who likes Let Me In a bit better than Let The Right One In. Was not expecting to, but did.
I'm actually quite fond of half of that list. Serenity, off course. I'm a sucker for Diablo Cody's dialogue, and Jennifer's Body was a fun movie with an interesting relationship at its core, with a fun soundtrack and a great performance from Seyfried, and Megan Fox did a lot better than I expected her to do (sidebar: I think she is hilarious in interviews, she can be very random).

I'm also a fan of Scott Pilgrim and Let Me In (never seen the original). Push was fun too, and shooting it in Hong-Kong made it stand out, it looked great and there are a bunch of talented people in the cast, like Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning and Ming-Na!
Jennifer's Body is one of my favorite movies. A smart (dare I say "feminist" and call down the wrath of those who define that term way too fucking narrowly?)horror movie that was almost criminally mis-marketed.
Regarding Let Me In, I appreciated the way it fleshed out the relationship between Eli/Abby and her caretaker, and expanded upon the parallels between him and Oskar/Owen. It was enough of an addition to make the remake feel worthwhile.

Dredd is another one I agree with the article on. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel or revolutionize comic book movies, it just takes a simple premise and lets it play out: Judge Dredd is trapped in a highrise with criminals and he needs to escape. It also gets past the problem of his invincible badass persona being difficult to relate to by giving him a female trainee sidekick who can actually kick some ass. Also, the slow mo sequences are done really well and look very cool.

Jennifer's Body I'm not so sure about. You know how some actors can take ridiculous dialogue and make it work? I'm not gonna say Megan Fox isn't talented, but she just isn't that sort of actor, and her character's aggressively sexual dialogue comes across as cartoonish. There's some interesting stuff happening thematically in the movie, but the lead actress's performance falls flat and the whole movie suffers because of it.
I only read the first entry. I had soem familairity with Firefly - I'd seen one ep. and was at several Joss-related boards at the time and later here (although what I thought you all were discussing and finding out what you really were was a bit of a shock. For financial reasons, I only saw them summer of 2011 and saw the movie first for same reason but I had little trouble following it.

Didn't really like either Jennifer's Body or Let the Right One In. But then I often don't like post-'89 movies, not mostly but often.
I've read the book but never seen the original Swedish version. But Let Me In was really good. Scott Pilgrim, not so much. I regret buying it for three quid. It really wasn't worth it. Jennifer's Body got good in the last thirty minutes but by then I didn't care. John Carter was decent but forgettable within hours. Serenity, on the hand, there's always some new when I watch it. I think it's probably my most watched movie ever.
I love Scott Pilgrim.
Yeah, Scott Pilgrim was one of my favorites of that year. Really a unique film in so many ways. And struck a chord emotionally, too! The full package.
I'm glad they mentioned Scott Pilgrim. If you really watch it, it's actually satirizing hipsters more than anything, so it's funny that it got lumped in with that kind of genre. Also, have to give Jennifer's Body and Dredd a look when I get a chance.
DaddyCatALSO - Now I'm really intrigued to find out what you thought we were discussing and what it was that shocked you :)
Simon- if Let Me In is good, LTROI is infinitely better, and that is no slam on the American remake. Please see the original here; you will not regret it. And it will take nothing away from your enjoyment of the American version; it is just so superb.
Serenity is actually my favorite movie and I hadn't even seen Firefly when I first saw it (I didn't watch Firefly until last year, actually) so I hated it when people would comment that you couldn't enjoy it unless you had seen the show.

I also agree that it does ask a lot of you. I recently made my friends watch it and during the first scene with the Operative I thought Wow, there is so much dialogue. I wonder if my friends are following.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that enjoyed Push. I know it has problems (possible plot holes, etc.) but I think I kinda love it.
This author does not have any clue what 'meme' means. How does having to see a show before seeing a movie equal a meme in any way?
Meme doesn't really seem like the right word, more like a misconception.
I'd say that it fits Richard Dawkins' original use of the word "meme" for ideas/behaviors/styles that spread from person to person, replicating themselves in a manner roughly analogous to genes (see It may not fit the more recent usage of the word particularly well, though.
I took a friend who had never seen Firefly to a Can't Stop the Serenity event and she loved the movie. It brought her into the Whedonverse. I thought it was John Carter's advertising and name that killed it. The preview made me not want to see it at all, but I went anyway, and enjoyed it.
I fall victim to memes/misconceptions a lot apparently. I loved Scott Pilgrim and enjoyed John Carter after initial hesitation. I'm going to give the rest of these movies that I havent seen a try.
JossIzBoss: It's just that I was reading discussions about various plot points and characters for about 9 years on various sites and got a visualization of those things, then when I finally saw the movie and show a lot of them were very different from how I'd imagined htem.
I also brought an uninitiated chum along to a Serenity screening; he borrowed my Firefly boxset the next day - not for the sake clarification but due to a newly sparked Joss jones.

Pusherman me :)
I've seen all the films except Idiocracy, Dredd, and John Carter. I confess that I"m much more lax about going out to the movies now, I just wait for Netflix. Curse you Future for making things too easy! :)

Loved Serenity, Scott Pilgrim, Sunshine, Let Me In (and Let the Right One In), enjoyed the rest of them.
So what is our conclusion on Dredd? Worth seeing or not?

I used to love Dredd comics back in 80s (2000AD days!).
Have to say I'm kind of tired of relentless gun violence in movies so I'll probably be skipping Dredd. One of the many reasons I love Joss is the fact that while he can and will stage an excellent shootout, he prefers to go in other directions with his action a lot of the time.
I saw Dredd recently and was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The best thing about it is how subtly feminist it is. Judge Dredd is not the main, important character, it's actually the rookie Anderson, played wonderfully by Olivia Thirlby. She's the surrogate for the audience, she's the one with a character arc, wants something and spends the movie trying to get it. The villain is a woman (wickedly played by Lena Heady) who has propelled herself to the throne of a drug empire. There's a lot more going on in Dredd than one would expect. It's actually well written.

Additionally, the cinematographer also shot Slumdog Millionaire, so the movie looks uncharacteristically gorgeous and the score is this great, crunchy synth throwback to John Carpenter. If you're in the mood for a violent, visceral action-thriller with a unique, feminist undertone then see Dredd. I'm happy to say, it's going on my list of Top Ten Favorite Films of 2012.
I think the problem with John Carter was the studio being afraid of the word "Mars."

I loved Scott Pilgrim, but since it was filmed here I may be biased. Plus, Edgar Wright did a special screening of Head while he was in town and I got to see it on the big screen.

I do know someone who didn't like Firefly but really enjoyed Serenity.

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