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February 22 2004

Michelle Trachtenberg All Grown Up She comes across much nicer in this interview and more mature than a couple of the other more recent ones.

Hopefully this is more what she is really like. I honestly have my doubts sometimes about written interviews because I think, unfortunately, some writers might have no qualms about changing things to make it sound more interesting or controversial.


ha, but no, she does sound a lot better here (except that "it's adult humor. i'm 18 so its my humor" bit) and some of these projects actually sound interesting. so yeah, good on her.
From the interview:

"Oh, I will not be doing any FHM or crazy Maxim magazines. I will leave that to the other actresses in Hollywood who want to shed their clothes because they think that's beneficial to them. I would much rather choose a creative way, like in a movie."

Sounds a little condescending given that Alyson Hannigan, Amber Benson, Emma Caulfield, Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker, and Mercedes McNab have all posed for these "crazy" magazines.
Heh heh heh... wait til Charisma gets her cover on Playboy...
It is condescending. Sometimes those pictures (in FHM/Maxim, whatever)- and I'm being completely serious here, just to be clear- are very attractive. I mean I've been...I don't want to say blown away, that seems an exageration, but often surprised at how interesting and even beautiful those pictures can sometimes be. They can be very artful and...creative, I think, is a good word.
'Eurotrip' doesn't look like it's any less exhibitionist, which isn't meant as a dig against the movie (I haven't seen it, and want to be fair), but you can't tell me that it's any more 'creative' just because it's a movie.

And add SMG to that list prufrock.
Yes, maybe that comment was condescending but the rest of it seems like she thought out her answers a bit more than in previous interviews. She's young and probably isn't used to getting interviewed and just needs to learn to think first before she talks. Also, never say never because if, as Forcorreo said, these magazine shoots can be considered beautiful work and can help advance a career she may decide it could benefit her. Right now I still think she is a little immature and just needs a bit of guidance.
I agree with blwessels. Michelle is young and inexperienced at answering interview questions in the most friendly and political manner. And you know, it's inevitable that Michelle will pose for one of those "crazy magazines" one day.
Don't forget Eliza D either prufrock.

Also as a side note - remember these articles are edited by the writer as well as the editorial staff so they can alter an interview to make it sound better or worse for the person interviewed - so take them with a grain of salt.

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I did forget about Eliza Dushku, probably because her pictures were so tame. But SMG never did Maxim or FHM as far as I know. She did a layout for Rolling Stone that included that ridiculous picture of her in the red latex batsuit though, which she is supposedly still embarrassed about.

And I'm well aware that reporters sometimes twist words to make a better interview, but I find it hard to believe that several reporters have all decided to do this at once, especially with long direct quotes.
Some pictures of Sarah in FHM

Some pictures of Sarah in Maxim

SMG seems to have had pictures taken for every magazine on the planet. :)
Well it's not that she sounded nicer as much as there at least weren't any dissing comments towards 'Buffy' this time around. 'Nice' would have been saying something appreciative about it.

The comments about actresses in FHM and Maxim however are indeed very condescending since she knows almost all of her female Buffy coworkers have done that.

It's also kind of silly to take the moral high ground on this considering her role in Eurotrip is even more low brow than a photoshoot like that. To me anyway.

Oh and don't knock red latex batsuits;-)
They seemed like nice pictures. I didn't think they seemed overly done and I've seen less clothing on TV in ads. Again, with Michelle, I think she is trying to come across as mature and she just isn't quite there yet. I'm sure her intent wasn't to insult every actress she worked with on Buffy. I still think the tone of this article was better than the last two so maybe she's starting to realize how she's been coming across in some interviews and just needs a little bit more experience.
God bless. Trachtenberg could be talking about puppies and rainbows and the Dawn haters would crawl out of the woodwork and call her "condescending." Methinks thou doth read too mucheth in't.
Hm, well I wonder sometimes if MT could be talking about how much Joss is an asshole, Sarah a bitch and that Buffy is for retards and the Dawn lovers would crawl out of the woodwork and call her 'honest' and 'endearing', hehehehe;-)

Seriously though, I have never been a Dawn hater. I liked her character fine and thought she was a cutie. I was actually surprised this last few weeks to hear her talk as she does. I'm not looking for any 'dirt'. But lines like 'I will leave that to the other actresses in Hollywood who want to shed their clothes because they think that's beneficial to them. I would much rather choose a creative way' are simply a condescending way of putting things. I don't need to read anything into it. She could've simply said "Oh I don't think posing in a mag is for me' or something.

And especially strange considering the content of 'Eurotrip'. That whole ROLE is about taking your clothes off to get ahead! And it's hardly 'creative'. I really fail to see how she thinks she has some high ground in integrity over the actresses that do pose for FHM by doing this movie.

But I agree with blwessels. She's just young, got a little full of herself and is obviously not very good at interviews yet. No biggie. (Btw bl, I love how you look for the good in everyone. You remind me of my sister.)
I was never really a Dawn/Michelle hater or lover, her comments just don't really bother me. I agree with ZachsMind that some people are reading through the lines to much.
forcorreo, Thanks for posting those links. I've seen those pictures before but I didn't associate them with FHM or Maxim because they are so tame. The other Whedonverse actresses actually got into the spirit of the magazines.

And Zachsmind, it doesn't surprise me that you would defend Trachtenberg for being condescending, since that's how I would describe your last few posts.
EdDantes- Ok, that was my response, now I don't have anything left to say, damn you, ;)
Yeah, certainly not reading anything into what Trachtenberg is saying, not really a Dawn hater here, and it's not like I'm even that upset about Trachtenberg's comments, but they are condescending.
The common denominator in all of the interviews with MT is that she was frustrated with how the writers of Buffy didn't allow her character to age. Again, that was a waste and a mistake.
"Hm, well I wonder sometimes if MT could be talking about how much Joss is an asshole, Sarah a bitch and that Buffy is for retards and the Dawn lovers would crawl out of the woodwork and call her 'honest' and 'endearing', hehehehe;-)"

Well that cracked me up!! And thanks for the compliment!
Reading this interview I get where MT's frustrations come from. She seems like she was unhappy with how the writers wrote Dawn. How Dawn got younger as the series got older. It's understandable and I get it, though it would due her good to NOT continuosly come off cynical towards the show at the same time. And well, MT is or was a HUGE fan like the rest of us of BtVs, so I give her slack. We all know how it is to be emotionally invested in the show and it's characters and when you think the writers are fucking up, it affects you personally.
Dawn didn't get younger. The mistake in mentioning her age does not make her grow younger as a character. The Dawn of S7 is way more mature than the one from S5. She did not get younger. I get the impression MT was more dissappointed she didn't become the 'new Buffy' or something. She was 'the sister' yes. A side role. I think she just had more expectations of it.

And yes it would do her well to ditch the 'tude in her interviews.
I agree with EdDantes here. Michelle's character was much more grown up in season 7 than in 5. Her character had a lot of growth. And whether or not she was happy with or unhappy with how she was written, that was the role she agreed to take on and actively went after. SMG was a little dismayed with how Buffy was being portrayed in season 6 and did approach Joss about it but it was through her concern for the character and he totally understood what she meant. But she played the part brilliantly and in her case, the character was the lead of the show and she had more invested.

And I don't think the writer's f***ked up her character. Dawn was a key (no pun intended) character for season five's storyline which they resolved with the death of Glory. Dawn was not the main character of the show and therefore didn't deserve to be the focus of attention throughout season 6 and 7. The show was about Buffy and how Buffy deals with the people and problems in her life. Frankly, I was more disappointed with the lack of attention given to the core Scooby group in the final season but can understand why but I really don't hear any of them complaining.

Out of all the characters, Xander was the one left behind in the last season and Nick Brendan, in interviews, gets why that was okay. He may not have liked it but he isn't out there complaining about how his character was written. And his character was one of the most important to the show.

I liked the character of Dawn and I like MT. I think she should just get over whatever issues she feels about Buffy, look at it as a good experience that has opened a lot of doors for her and realize she was part of something fantastic that a lot of people in showbiz just dream about.

Give her a year or two and she probably will realize all this. She's had a lot of attention on her the past few years and now she just has to gain the experience in how to deal with it.
Talk about condescending! All these "Oh MT we'll learn how to talk when she's older" comments are the real offense, not her perfectly reasonable comment that she'd prefer to shed clothes as part of a role instead of purely for its own sake.

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