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January 17 2013

Is the new legal drama "Suits" the new "Buffy"? Legal scholar and reviewer for the Atlantic and closet Buffy fan thinks that the new legal drama "Suits" may do for big law firms what "the best teen drama ever made" did for high school, succeeding because "the central metaphor, though ridiculous, dramatized a deeper truth. For teen-agers, high school really is a life-or-death struggle against monsters." And oh yeah, Gina Torres!

Aaaaaaaargh! I had written this show off as mediocre and not worth watching, and now I find out that a respectable publication and, separately, one of my favorite TV critics (Matt Zoller Seitz) are really fond of it, and compare it to Buffy and West Wing, my two favorite shows of all time?

I mean, I know, I should be happy, but this just adds one more show to my to-do list and I DON'T NEED THAT.


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I agree Jobo. It wasn't even on my radar.
Suits is great! Quick witted, touching and layered... With hilarious pop-culture references. Definitely worth being added to the 'must watch list'!
I've heard nothing but good things about Suits. Watched the pilot and really liked it. It's on my list to catch up on at some point.

However, I wouldn't call this show "new" since it's been around since 2011.
Yeah! Nice, I like Suits, the references, the characters and the way it's moving forward. The shows that don't get hyped so much, can easily surprise of course. I especially like how they write Louis, a very unlikeable character (he's kind of the awkward geek with a dickish attitude) who is also treated badly by the good guys. No scene with him is boring.
@jobo Buffy and The West Wing? OK, I'm sold!
I love Suits. It's an addictive show and I can't figure out why. But I love it!
I love this show. Tuned in because of Gina, stayed because of Louis. The only draw back to this show is we only get 12-14 shows then have to wait a year for a new season. Gina sinks her teeth into this role and she is wonderful to watch. And the clothes are to die for.
The second half of season two just started back up last night and I was positively vibrating with excitement! This show is awesome. And, happily for me, it's shot in Toronto and knowing that Gina Torres is so close to my home all the time just makes me smile.

Edit: That doesn't mean Suits is bad though. It's a good show, but this comparison is ridiculous and doesn't do it any favors because Buffy was, and is, a better series.

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You're drawing the line quite high by comparing it to "BtVS", barboo. I kinda' like that.

I'll give "Suits" a watch, after all, you caught the interest.
While Buffy will always hold top honors in my list of favorite TV shows, I can see the comparison. Like 'BTVS' and 'The West Wing', 'Suits' has clever dialogue, geeky pop culture references, and strong characters (both male & female) that are so real and that you can't help but love. I always make time to see this show and I'm so happy it's getting some love here. More people should be watching this show.
Suits is fabulous fluff. I describe it as the best possible USA show. But let's be honest: it's still a USA show. I thoroughly enjoy it, and the writing and dialogue is often surprisingly good, but it's not BtVS. It's not a show I think about when it's over, or even all that much while I'm watching it.

I would wholeheartedly recommend it, but I'd take those expectations down a peg.
I love "Suits", but I don't see it as on the same level as BtVS. I'm seconding guidedby in recommending folks watch the show, but don't let this raise your expectations too high.

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