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January 17 2013

The Trio, together again! Adam Busch tweets a photo of himself and Danny Strong, captioned "Tom Lenk's perspective".

The gentlemen certainly look different now! It's good to see them together again.

THIS IS AMAZING!!! This made my day. I adore the trio, even Warren.
I wish he'd gotten it with all of them. But a big LOL @ the band being back together lol
They look villainy!!!
In my plan....We Are Beltless!
LOL Adam looks crazier here than Warren ever did!

The trio, individually and as a team, were always some of my favorite Buffy characters. Like Heatherondo said, I only wish Tom was actually in the photo rather than behind the camera (though that does seem like a total Andrew thing to do!)
Where's the jet packs boys? Oh wait, Danny never had one to begin with.
I'm fairly sure getting the band back together is a Blues Brothers reference, which might account for shades/posturing. Are they doing their best Elwood and Joliet Jake impressions? The height differential works!
They looked kinda pissed to me...
I got my picture taken with them years ago, they're really nice guys especially Adam.
@Egghead, I really do think they're just posing that way. :)
Oh yes, all three of them are sweethearts. Together or individually, I would go to anything these guys are doing!

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