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January 18 2013

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty's Slayalive Q/A for Buffy Season 9 #13. Due to his busy schedule, Georges ran late on answering the back half of the Q/A (questions 18-29) but it's now finished and has some spoilersh hints about the end of the season.

Always nice to hear from Georges.
I think I'm gonna seriously lobby for a new 'do for Buffy. Change has been long time coming. How long has Buffy ever kept a particular hairstyle anyway? :)
Wenxina,I saw some good speculation from you at Slayalive about maybe Buffy having her hair damaged in battle coming up.

The last time I remember there was big talk about Buffy changing her hair style was back in season 6 when during the episode,"Gone" in the middle of the season they had Buffy cut her hair.If I remember,in interviews before the episode they talked about Buffy changing her hair style because SMG wanted to shorten her hair.

I also wonder if Georges just gave away that he'll be back next season as Buffy's artist.
My speculation was based on Georges saying "Where I'd like to be more dramatic, is when we get to the big climax of the season, and as a direct result of her Big Bad battling, I'm going to lobby hard for Buffy to have a major hair do change. I don't know if the Powers That Be will go for it but we'll see. If I have my way, Season 10 will start out with Buffy looking reminiscent of Season 6. And I have already said too much!"
If approved, it sounds like the plan is to have Buffy's hair damaged in some way which will force a new hairdo for her. Probably something along the lines of her shorter hairstyle from "Gone."

And yeah, I was wondering the same about him returning for the next season in some capacity.
For a while I've thought it might be interesting to have Buffy go with short hair; like really short hair. Morena Baccarin after she cut her hair, short.

Which is sort of difficult to envision since I don't think I've seen a picture of SMG without long hair.

But it's also something that the PTB might not go for since Buffy has an identifiable "look" that they might not want to deviate away from.

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