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January 18 2013

The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods get nominated for Golden Reel Awards. The awards recognise sound editing and The Avengers got nominated in the "Best Sound Editing: Sound Effects and Foley in a Feature Film" category whilst Cabin got nominated for "Best Sound Editing: Music in a Feature Film".

The "Joss wins everything" tour is still rolling along!

Congrats Joss!
Points for using "whilst" in the description. And "yay" for Joss and Drew.
2012 was Joss Whedon's year... I don't care what anyone says. :D

And yay Drew Goddard! I want more and more people to know who he is!
Hooray for sound editing! And yes, both films were notably good in the relevant respects for these awards. Good sound and well edited music makes such a difference to the enjoyability and general effect of a film.
Well, it's something. Congrats, Joss! Make us proud!

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