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January 18 2013

The Nerdist podcast interviews Amber Benson. In this interview she discusses her writing process and selling interesting things on E-Bay.

There's another interview with Amber Benson up on Patrick Rothfuss' blog. It's related to Pat's Worldbuilders charity and a lot of fun.
That was a little surprisingly filthy but it's sort of funny to see someone I actually like encourage the hosts' a bit more crude sensibilities. Normally Hardwick tries more consciously to clean-up according to the guests.

Also I thought it was a little funny how consciously he tried to spoiler-warning in the intro but he didn't quite realize he went on to spoil so much.
I've listened to every single episode, and it's rare that a guest melts into the dynamic this well. Amber might as well have been a co-host. Very fun episode. I had a hard time keeping a straight face at work.

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