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January 18 2013

Buffy Birthday Sale. Things From Another World is celebrating Buffy's birthday with a special offer.

Yay! I think I'll pick something up from TFAW. Hmm... Can anyone tell me which of the IDW Angel books are of decent quality? I've heard some are spotty, but I want to pick some up.
Any of the "After the Fall" books are pretty darn good, but I would recommend starting at book #1 for those. Otherwise, Spike "Asylum" is pretty fantastic. Also, the John Byrne "Angel" stuff is good.
I have Asylum, loved that one. Picked it up cheap too. I'll see if I can grab After the Fall volume 1. Thanks for the ideas.
I just ordered a really cute Doctor Horrible T-shirt, and also the new Jim Butcher Dresden comic (Ghoul Goblin #1) which my local comic book store hasn't been able to get.

Spike vs Dracula is also wonderful, but Asylum is the best.
I have After the Fall and Spike After the Fall. But I'm very confused with Angel continuity in comics, there's so much stuff. I ordered the Illyria TPB and the Buffy Tales hardcover. TFAW is great, everything comes so very neatly packaged :)
I love ordering from TFAW when my local runs out before I can get there. This deal is especially nice since it doesn't have to be used with Buffy products. Way to spread the Buffy love while still letting others get a good deal on their tights and capes books!
FYI, the deal of the day is the Buffy Season 8 Vol 2 HC. With the promo code, it works out to be cheaper than the price.
Wait a sec... Is Buffy's b-day Jan. 18th or the 19th?
Which birthday? I believe she's has at least 3 in canon. Haha.

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