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January 19 2013

Amber Benson interviewed by Patrick Rothfuss. Topics touched upon include "Authorship, Indie Film and Erotica".

I liked that interview better than I liked The Name of the Wind. Amber and Patrick are kind of hilarious.
I sure hope that's a testament to how much you liked the interview Squishy, rather than a note on how the book left you cold!

Good to see this got its own post now. It's a fun interview and if it get's any Whedon fan to try out Rothfuss' books that would be a mayor win in my eyes. If you love Joss (and why else would you be here?) I'd say chances are very large you'll love his books too. If it's any help, he's a massive and very outspoken fan of Joss Whedon too.

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Success! Step five in the plan to have Joss direct the inevitable Name of the Wind movie is complete. Mwahahaha! Now, on to step six...
I very much concur that The Name of the Wind is well worth checking out by anyone who has not yet done so.
Funny, awesome interview. And I would like to add my Name of the Wind-love to the pile. In donating to Rothfuss's charity drive, I like to think I have done my (very, very small) part to bring about the erotica story he and Amber proposed co-authoring! Also, thanks to the Groosalugg for linking to his blog post about Joss Whedon. That was a pretty great read too. (And who here wouldn't marry Joss if he would just return our calls? ;) )
Hmm, Amber's technique at parties reminds me of how I used to socialize back in the late 70s and 80s.

Add me to the list of those who want to read that story.

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