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January 21 2013

S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle spotted in L.A.. Photo from local's Twitter.

This is a spy organization. What if they only want you to think that this is a SHIELD vehicle?

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Both UNIT and Torchwood drive around with the name of their secret organisation plastered on the side of their vehicle.
Its not just a spy organization but also a super-police group too.
SHIELD logo was all over the trucks, cars and jets in The Avengers too.

Also, squee. Here's to the terrifying unknown.
It doesn't look like it can fly. :(
Very cool. Now we need to spot a S.H.I.E.L.D cast member ...
I live here... I need to somehow become a ninja and figure out where they're shooting.
Dunno what the article writer is talking about....Acuras were not the only kind of car used in The Avengers. Cobie Smulders used a Jeep Rubicon during the car chase at the start of the film, and her targets in the pursuit stole a Hummer H3 ;P
If I had a Hummer... (and lived in Los Angeles) I would totally be a bonus extra.
gossi, its happening! I'm getting chills. Even if (god forbid) the pilot doesn't go to series then I hope they release it as a DVD.
So, an extremely ugly and conspicuous truck will figure in this pilot. The details are building up. But what to? Oh, the suspense! (Actually, the suspense thing is a real problem.)

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