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January 21 2013

'Firefly' board games and more coming. Toy Vault, Inc. announces that it has entered a licensing arrangement with Fox to produce 'Firefly' table-top games, plush, and novelty items.

As long as the plushes aren't "spirit animals".
I'm hoping this is more of a board game than a pen+paper rpg type game if you know what I mean. It's good timing though, cause me and some friends just started a board game club at our school.
Well, there already is a Serenity RPG, so I don't know why they'd reinvent the wheel.
Apparently the British Buffy board game is a nightmare to understand. Or it may have the US version.
Shiny. I want the Mal piece! 'course, knowing my friends, I'll end up being River. I always get stuck with the insane characters.

I wouldn't mind a mini Mal to snuggle with. I'll let my cat fight with Jayne. As for the pillows...I'll be in my bunk.
I tried playing the Buffy board game last Christmas. It made little to no sense.
The US Buffy board game is great. It's a little complicated, but only because it's a more involved game. I think they did a great job with all the details and elements of the game. I have the Uk and French Buffy board games, but have never played them.
Plums are tall.
Sweet! Hope it is as entertaining as the BSG board game.
This could be awesome. I'm an avid boardgamer, and would love the opportunity to play a euro-type Firefly boardgame.
I love board games too. Usually I'm not too fond of licensed titles, but every now and again there are exceptions. It's very nice to hear the US version of the Buffy game actually did the show justice dualistic!

A Firefly board game sounds awesome on paper, but I'd have to hear it is good from a number of people I trust before I would buy it. A lovelessly thrown together cash in would be all the more painful because of the wasted potential.

Anyway have fun with your board game club Judedeath! Are your friends Whedon fans too? Or would the Firefly board game be part of your cunning plan to get them all into the wonderful world of Whedon?

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The way that article is written, it sounds like Firefly just entered season ten. If only!
I have some version of the Buffy board game, and it's complex but really fun. It has scenarios for seasons 1-4, but fans have written ones for seasons 5-7 and designed game pieces that can be printed/glued to cardboard, etc. It's pretty dang awesome.
In the months to follow, Toy Vault plans to launch multiple table-top games, decorative pillows, a line of collectable mini-plushes of the entire Serenity crew, and more.

...decorative pillows?
Multiple table-top games?
This got me to thinking about the player tokens for a Firefly version of Monopoly. Vera, a space helmet, a wrench, a book of scripture, dinosaur, ???

Thinking about the locations on the board was fun, too. There would be spaceports instead of railroads, several saloons, real estate on all the worlds seen in the series, etc. The Chance and Community Chest cards would be a hoot.

This could actually be done as a fan project, although of course the game could never be sold.
the Groosalugg said:

Anyway have fun with your board game club Judedeath! Are your friends Whedon fans too? Or would the Firefly board game be part of your cunning plan to get them all into the wonderful world of Whedon?

Well most of the people currently in it I'd class as Whedon fans, we're planning on having a Firefly marathon hopefully this weekend which should be fun as there's a mix of people who've seen it and haven't in our group. The only bad thing about having a group of Whedon fans like us is that we're in Edmonton and it feels like it's a law that any time Nathan Fillion is mentioned ever it must be mentioned he's from Edmonton even if everyone there already knows(like for example even my mother does this and she's never watched anything with him in it). But it's interesting seeing who's seen what Whedon stuff, like some are Firefly and some are Avengers and some are Dr. Horrible not as many Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse people though. Also we're mostly a library program right now so there's a whole group of us hyped for Much Ado and planning to go together.

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Take my money!!!
From their Facebook:
We're glad everyone is so excited! As dedicated fans of the show ourselves, we're committed to making products that will make fans happy. For those concerned, our games will cover a broad range in complexity; from simple, fun-for-the-whole-family games to more intricate, hobby-level games. The 'Verse is in good hands!

oh oh! i want a part of this, who will play the game with me. i never got a chance to play the buffy game. what next whedon verse monolopy that would be awesome?
@Judedeath sounds great, have fun with the marathon.

@janef how about Serenity? Or maybe Jayne's hat?
Jayne's hat, Inara's shuttle, a Fruity Oaty bar. Everyone would fight over Serenity if it were a board piece. The money would be Alliance bills of course.

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Port compression coil catalyzer.

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I'm excited for the possibilities, but am hoping that the games aren't going to be the products coming by late spring. This is too good of an opportunity to rush production but sacrifice quality.
Their Princess Bride board game looked like fun.
For the plushes, I'm thinking UglyDolls with sidearms.
I asked them if there were any chance the license could result in a playable release of Tall Card. Their response: "Sure, I got a secret. More 'n one. Don't seem likely I tell 'em to you now, do it?"

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