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January 21 2013

Adam Busch to act as Judge on next episode of King of the Nerds. TBS Reality competition seeks to determine which competitor is the most nerdy. Air date Jan. 24, 2013.

I would definitely listen to Adam Busch's opinions on who is the most nerdy! Actually I would always listen to anything Busch says (he is one of my favorites to follow on twitter).
I saw one review of this, and it said it was your typical "let's laugh at the freaks" reality show.
It didn't come across that way to me, though there's definitely a lot of nerdy people saying nerdy things and being socially awkward. One girl is so much like people I have known that it's a bit disconcerting.
This Big Bang Theory generation of 'let's look at these freaks, they're nerds, don't we love them for being so silly' is really, really painful.
This makes about as much sense as Anthony Edwards acting as a judge on a "who's the Best Doctor"-type show.
Well, at least one review I've seen (Penny Arcade) certainly seemed to consider it fairly decent as far as attitude is concerned - I'm not quite decided yet myself, but hey that's a single episode so far...

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