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February 23 2004

Drusilla figure autographed by Juliet and Joss up on Ebay Sorry I didn't get this up sooner...but just found it.

I'm guessing this is why Juliet picks what she will sign now a days. Don't get me wrong it's all good, but some celebrities feel increasingly more uncomfortable about signing anything cause it ends up on ebay and they feel that people don't really want the signature for themselves they want it for what they can make from the sale of it - basically devaluing the price of the moment it took for the star to sign - it use to be that these things were cherished memories now they seem to be more and more like marketable comodities. Some celebrities don't care if you sell their autographs but there are a few out there that are genuniely unsettled by it. It's a catch-22, that I don't think anyone will ever find a solution for.

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