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January 22 2013

Today in Whedonverse history - Joss Whedon starts filming of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV pilot. A new Whedonverse story begins with Joss directing a script in Los Angeles written by Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen and Joss.

Just a moment: *clears throat*


*ahem* Thank you.
This gets me a LITTLE too excited!!! I would kill to get a glimpse of them shooting!
Wow, I can't believe he's on to #5. Congratulations to him and the crew!
So so awesome. Thank you.
It's very thrilling!
I'm kind of new as a whedonite (From about August 2010, I think). I got to see The Avengers and The Cabin In The Woods when the rest of the whedonites got to, and I was very excited about them and anticipated them very highly, but by the time I've heard about them, the news about those projects were already old. This time, I got to hear the news along with them and got to share the thrill of having just heard them together, reading more and more articles about this show with them, seeing this picture when they see it- it's thrilling. I even got asked "When will S.H.I.E.L.D start?", and I know it's a very trivial question, but I felt like it's a symbol and it made me very happy. Glad I have many people to share my excitement with.
I keep getting called a nerd for being so excited about this, but I am super excited anyway.
Mo just shared the following shot of Joss between takes:
(Kermit flail) YAAAAAAAYYY!
A silhouette? We can do better! SHOES!

(From Joe Quesada's Twitter. Confirmed to be shoes on the feet of the Joss.)

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I wonder how long until The Shirt makes an appearance.

Also: Yay!
But where's the hat?
Zzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee excitednoise.
@WillowsSpell, Welcome to the Joss Whedon fan club!

I just hope that Paul Lee and other network suits like the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot.

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Good luck with your new tv show! May it be on the air for at least 5 years.
It's like that famous saying: Six seasons and a movie and no friday night please thanks bye.
Here we go! I'm in the same boat as WillowsSpell -- first proper Joss project I'll be seeing from conception to finality, which hopefully will be a long, long journey. Can't imagine a better group of fans to celebrate it with! :D

Joss is back in TV!
So looking forward to see this pilot. I don't want to think a possibility of this show not getting picked up. I just pray to hold my job until Summer so I'll be able to see the pilot early, the biggest advantage of my job. So excited!
Me too! It's my first "from the start" Whedon project. I came aboard after the Avengers had been cast.

I was so excited that I shared with friends and family on Facebook. Yeah, that was a wasted effort.
It's exciting to me to see people on board since Cabin and/or The Avengers.
The first time I'm posting on Whedonesque when there is the start of a new TV show... How exciting!!! :D :D :D

Another great day for Whedonites!!!
I find it entertaining that I'm getting excited by Joss in silhouette. Hee.

I'm not the only one - the EW piece seems to be saying 'we don't really know anything either - but we're excited too!'
Oh gossi that EW link is funny... all I could think was "sure, it sounds lame when you show those photos here at the EW site! But it is really exciting when Jed & Maurissa tweet those same images!" LOL

And I would never have recognized Joss from that silhouette (I assume he was wearing a hat?).
EW fangirling over Joss so blatantly is fun.
I can't pretend that I'm not excited. Nor do I want to try. And Niels Van Eekelen, I hear that directing is all in the shoes. Comfortable shoes.
Well, that S.H.I.E.L.D. truck is pre-tty damn cool.

I would be so thrilled to see them shooting around town sometime - that would be Of The Coolest - or better yet (shameless self-plug) would be if they came into our new café, of which we are inordinately proud and (clearly) shamelessly self-promotional. (I don't know if all y'alls know that Mr. QuoterGal and a friend and I opened a specialty coffeehouse/café in Hollywood this past December? 'Cos we did, we really did. *jumps up and down*)

I don't care. It would be so cool - and as you can see from the cup on Ms. Mo's chair in one of her shots, precious caffeine-bearing beverages are essential for a good shoot.

May their collective legs all be broken in the happy way. ; ]
My day has just gotten better :) I'm glad I'm not the only one excited by that silhouette! Also, the shoes make me smile :)
Welcome to the new fans. Hopefully you will feel at home here.

Imagining the weekly commentary threads when (I'm being positive here) it goes to series.

As Whedonesque started a bit late in the game, Dollhouse was the show that really allowed us to go in depth at the same time that the show was airing
There must be a J.O.S.S. chair somewhere. Wonder how much that would fetch if it were put on eBay.

Also: excited.
QuoterGal, that's fantastic! I'm so happy for you! And the next time I'm up in LA, I'm stopping by. :)

Is that Jed's chair? Ah, wait a minute. I get it. *lightbulb*
I'm planning to crash your coffee wares one day, QG.

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After seeing that photo, for some reason I'm imaging, in a world where Joss is slightly more evil and a lot less professional, that he would show up on the first day dressed up as vamp-Luke (Brian Thompson in "The Harvest"), and start messing with the cast's minds by speaking like Luke.

Ladies and gentlemen, there's no cause for alarm.
Actually, there is cause for alarm. It just won't do any good.

This is a glorious night. It's also the last one any of you shall ever see.

Watch me, people!
(Aside, to the DoP) Their fear is elixir. It's almost like blood.

Tonight will be history at its end! Yours is a glorious sacrifice. Degradation most holy.

ABC have launched an official show Twitter account: @ABC_SHIELD.

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Thanks, korkster & gossi: love seeing my fandom peeps at the place - I don't work the café, but give me a heads-up & I'll be there. (I felt very narcissistic posting the link above, so I was just glad I wasn't tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail for posting it. But I've been dying to tell Whedonesquers about Javista, and it never seemed even remotely appropriate before.

But coffee & shoots go together like... well, Ben and Glory.)
This is so exciting! It would be great to catch them shooting around SoCal someday. Hopefully it'll be on the air for a long time & there will be plenty of chances.

Also, I was at QG's cafe the other day, and can HIGHLY recommend the coffee and the mortadella sandwich. And, you know, the people.

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