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January 22 2013

Nicholas Brendon to co-star in "Big Gay Love" film. A new rom-com co-starring everyone's favorite glorified bricklayer!

Interesting, I like the idea of the film and the everyone deserving love thing. I'm not a big Romcom guy so I'm going to wait for more information before I put this on my radar.
Nicky's looking good.

This is an interesting concept. Just wish we lived in an age where it didn't matter if you love the same or the opposite sex.
ShadowQuest, I think that's kind of what the film hopes to address.

Anyway, great to see Nick get some work :) .
did someone or was it me that said it? Nick is looking HOT!
I have to be honest here and say that I can't help but think of "Go Fish" after seeing those pictures. Glad to see him looking fit and heathy again :)
Yep, definitely looking studly. Just wish that site had an editor; oy, the grammar errors.

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