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January 22 2013

(SPOILER) Felicia Day on her Supernatural return. interview with Felicia about her upcoming "LARP and the Real Girl" episode.

Don't really watch Supernatural, but I know Badger, Spike and Cordelia have all been in it!
Supernatural is an absolute favorite of mine. It's well worth watching. All of it.

Tonight's episode sounds like a lot of fun; it'll be a nice break from the heaviness of last week.

I love it when any Whedonverse alum interacts with the brothers. Crowley (Sheppard) has been especially fun during a really great season 8.
Can't wait for Miss Day's return. She was the best part of season 7 and is looking to be the best part of the current season as well. I love Supernatural, but it is seriously dragging lately.
Supernatural has gone down hill since Eric Kripke (the original creator) left the show after season 5. Season 7 was pretty much terrible, but at least Felicia Day was one of the very few good things about it.
Well I just watched it and it was LOL, geektasticly fun.

And there was a Tardis reference. Kind of.

Felicia Day was as awesome as pie.
Lesbian Felicia Day. Animated Felicia Day as Tallis. A "Notting Hill" and "Braveheart" reference.

Best episode of "Supernatural" in a long, long time.
That episode was fantastic, and it was so exciting to have Felicia/Charlie back. Hopefully we will be able to see her again :) (and I still hope this, even though her chances of being killed off on Supernatural are rising the more often she appears, lol)

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