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January 23 2013

ABC launch official SHIELD Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here's the Twitters of it.

Is that usual for a show that hasn't been picked up yet?
I wonder who is running them. ABC people I assume? And Simon, I do find that unusual.
Are we sure they're official?
I ask because Facebook says "official page... for the pilot" which is just another layer of the oddness.
I checked before posting, they be official.
That FB page has been there since mid-October, apparently.
I couldn't be more excited. This brings me back to Dollhouse days. My girlfriend's friends probably hated me for how many DH-related posts I made on her wall... though I guess at that point the newsfeed maybe didn't exist?
This is unusual this early and it bodes very well for the show in general. The start of marketing on a show is usually triggered by the contract being signed for a series pick-up. Usually. So this is great.

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Well, what's his name during TCA a week or so back did say that they'd already started planning a marketing campaign.
In comparison to Dollhouse - Dollhouse got an official twitter account. In the middle of season two. And then it got cancelled.
God. Dollhouse's crap social media support. I even tried to pitch that M.E. should see about doing it themselves.
I love the look of the facebook page, and they must have hired someone to put in all the past articles about the show. This is really going to be fun! I'm all excited about our new show (because I really don't think there is a chance in the world that it won't be on the Fall Schedule).
Does anyone know if Lexigeek was hired to do graphic design work? I remember that video he made with Amber, then nothing since.
Right b!X, he did. I just recently learned how some of that process works. Planning the campaign happens in advance and then pulling the trigger (in some cases) on actual implementation is contingent on contractual stuff. :) All good signs for ABC being uber-pumped about the show.
Also, this is a tiny thing, but: has Joss technically done a pilot before now? Buffy and Angel were presentations, Dollhouse was straight to series. Was Serenity a pilot, or just the first episode in an order?

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Serenity was a pilot. Dollhouse had a pilot too. It was just entirely scrapped and re-done for the first aired episode.
So this could be the first Whedon pilot to actually air properly. Knock on Principal Wood.
Serenity was two pilots. The first one was a little bit too grim. The second one was the one we know and love.
Serenity was a pilot. Dollhouse had a pilot too. It was just entirely scrapped and re-done for the first aired episode.

Is that so? My understanding was always that it had a 7-ep order before Joss ever shot "Echo." Is my timeline confused?
Actually, didn't FOX skip the usual pilot process for Dollhouse in order to spend that money on the set?
Yes. Same with Firefly.
I might be wrong, Jobo. It happens. :) A lot more than I would like and since I have a memory like a steel sieve, I'll defer to people with better memories.
Serenity was two pilots. The first one was a little bit too grim. The second one was the one we know and love.

To be fair, if you've seen the one that (eventually) aired you've pretty much seen all there is to see in the original one that didn't*.

* Although Joss' Ken Burns-esque drawling voice-over cameo at the beginning is definitely worth a hoot. The soundtrack isn't as good, though. ;)

Update: Sorry about the stray shrinkage.

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kazzmere, lexigeek didn't get hired, but I wanna say "thus far", because if it gets picked up, hopefully they can put on another art department designer.

In my world, that's what happens. *does incantation and prepares potion for spell*
Well...this definitely bodes very well for S.H.I.E.L.D. getting full support from ABC and the suits feeling good about what the Whedon Clan is doing, yes?

;P I have the image of that demon from Angel season 2 in Caritas singing this song stuck in my head. Thats how I feel right now.

Edit. Was it Lorne or was he singing it with another demon? Pretty sure he was singing it with another demon.

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The show's official pickup is just a formality at this point, surely?

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