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January 23 2013

Joss Whedon and Much Ado About Nothing confirmed for Dublin Film Festival. The movie will be shown on Saturday, 23rd February at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. Tickets go on sale at 11.59pm GMT tonight.

Neat. Is the day before the Glasgow Film Fest screening.
Right. No excuses now. Guy I work for did the score for a documentary that's screened at the festival the next day. Gonna have to try and get tickets for Much Ado as well.
Handily, I will already be in Dublin that day... well I will if I change my flight, and book an extra night in a hotel.
Which you're legally required to do.
I've got no excuse either. I think the last time I was in the Savoy was for Terminator 2.
If only Portland were over there. Its film festival is next month, too.
Whedonesque meet up!
After all these years.
Yeah, I hardly ever go to Ireland, you know. :P
Hmm..Okay I've registered on their site. But I'm not sure how you go about booking tickets on it. Is it the case that ALL the tickets for the festival go on sale at 11.59pm tonight? As right now there's no links letting me book anything. And I don't quite understand the code box..
Is it simply the case that at 11.59 the booking tab would at that point, when clicked, take you to a screen where you could make reservations? Argh! Feel like such an idiot for not being able to figure this out!
Jas, my understanding is booking unlocks for the masses at 11.59pm. Codes allow you to book early, if you know a code.
Ahhh..I see. Well here's hoping that most of the tickets don't get snapped up by those with codes before then! LOL!

(I just missed out on the Glasgow one, which given that I live 10 miles outside of it still irks me somewhat. So I'm trying to make sure I have a better grasp on the booking side of it this time around! :))
Those who will get tix for Dublin or have tix for Glasgow will be in for something spectacular! I managed to score a ticket for Toronto through being an organizing committee for Toronto's CSTS screening...and was totally blown away at just how well Joss made Shakespeare and Shakespearean dialogue work coming out of the cast's mouths while in a 21st century setting :D
Yes, yes ! I was so sad I missed the Glasgow screening. This is so exciting, I'm gonna be super stressed out until 11.59pm, I need that ticket ! And it would be so nice to meet some Whedonesque people.
Are Caroline and Simon allowed to be in the same room at the same time? Such a high concentration of Whedonesque power! ;)
Are we sure Simon and Caroline aren't the same person, jcs? Has anyone ever seen the 2 of them on the same continent?
We came quite close to meeting up once, but I couldn't persuade my friend to drive into the city. So yeah, got to within 30km at one point.
I got a ticket!
Got my tickets :-)
Me too ! I was so nervous while booking, but I got it ! couldn't be happier.
Knees-up in The Church bar on Mary Street :-D
Congrats to Simon and Caroline! (And the rest, too, but, y'know, mods first.)

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Tickets bought! I still wish it was for the Glasgow showing down the road from me, but this will do! LOL! Oh well, I've never been to Dublin before..or even Ireland. (Closest I ever got was The Isle of Man!) So I guess it'll be a nice weekend away! :)
Jas, well at least Joss has been confirmed for Dublin, we still don't know if he'll go to Glasgow (chances are he will, it is the day after).
I still can't believe I'll see the man in the flesh, can someone pinch me ?
Don't forget: we want photos posted and lots of commentary (minute by minute if possible!). I wish I could be there!
Well, as it's a legal requirement I suppose I shall have to. What a sacrifice. And I got my ticket too. Woot.

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I'd imagine he's got to be going to the Glasgow one now as well Nico. The timing's so close that I can't imagine why he wouldn't head on over there too. Heh! Maybe I'll end up on the same flight as him on the way back! ;)
Something like that happened to me many years ago, when I ended up on the same train as Bruce Boxleitner and JMS from Babylon 5, when they were making their way back from a convention in Blackpool. So you never know! But heck I'll be happy to see him at the screening. As he's only my second favorite director in the entire world! (James Cameron will always be tops to me for The Abyss and the original Terminator. But I gotta admit that I enjoyed Avengers a heck of a lot more than Avatar.) And Angel is my favorite show of all time. So yeah..very excited to see this film as well!
Yeah, I wished I had booked Glasgow as well (if he does show up there), I'm in Leeds so it would've been a bit easier for me to go. But I've been to Dublin once, loved it and was planning to go back, so I guess it's all good :)
PS : Cameron is among my favorites as well, but I love and respect Joss more than any filmmaker out there.
Yeah Nico, as much as I'd give the slight edge to Cameron in direction, Joss has got him beat in scripting, hands down! And seems a much nicer person to boot! And he's actually a fan of Cameron too, judging by the commentary on The Cabin in The Woods blu-ray. In fact it's so weird, I was just watching the extras on that last night, and was thinking about how lucky the folks were at the Q&A for Cabin. Hope Joss gets to give a talk about this film as well on the night! That would be the icing on the cake!
Yes! I was so bummed when I didn't get tickets for Glasgow, but just scored a ticket for Dublin! As an American studying in London, I felt weirdly determined to see The Purple One if he too were on the same foreign continent. I've never been to Ireland, hooray for Whedon-inspired adventures!
Simon and Caroline et al: can hardly wait for the report from such WE alums. Happy for you all, and please, please, everyone have a Guinness for me, won't you?
I got tickets just now :) am thrilled. obviously living in Dublin, I don't have to pay flights, hotels, etc ... so fair play to those doing that just to see Much Ado. yipeeeeeee
Flights and hotel booked. Looking forward to that!
Nico, I'm in Leeds too! Couldn't go to Glasgow because I have to work, but I just happened to be already in Dublin for something else the night before, so a little playing with flights and hotels means I am now landing back in Leeds and going straight to work on the 24th!
Sold out now. Glad I did get the tickets at midnight.
Damn. Sold out and I am actually in Ireland for that week as well. C'est la vie.
@Cider : oh cool, I'll be flying back to Leeds on the 24th as well, I have classes on Monday, maybe we'll be in the same plane :)
There's a Q&A afterwards according to the organisers.
An actual Q & A with Joss? Sweet!! I wasn't sure if I'd be getting a late flight back after the film, but this has just ensured that I'll be staying late and thus probably staying overnight. Hotel sites here I come! :)
Congrats to everyone who was able to get tickets! Wish I could be there too.
Oh no. Too late, also!
If anyone has a spare tic to sell, well the 23rd is my sixteenth birthday and I would be massively grateful if you could do it (it sounds so desperate sorry!)

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