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January 23 2013

Check out Just found this fan site while browsing through IMDB. This is the first SHIELD specific site I've seen so far and the layout is pretty neat. Not much content cause its still early days but they have podcasts and a forum up.

I really don't want to put the "."s in S.H.I.E.L.D. every time I type it lol.
This is actually making me giddy!
Nice to see a few familiar names involved in Tabz and danregal.

This is cool!
That's quite a nice site.

And look @eddy they have shortcut ideas for typing S.H.I.E.L.D..

And yes it just worked on my iPhone.

Don't mock me, I always need tech help.
Just registered! It never asked me to enter a will I "log in" in the future?? Anyone techie know the answer? Thanks!
The pw is in your email. You can change it after you log in.
When will the pilot likely air?
Likely the last or second-to-last week of September. But personally, I'm hoping for one of those "Airing the pilot in May"-thingies :p
It is possible they will show the pilot at Comic Con this Summer before they air it on ABC to kick off the Fall Season. But of course it is too soon to tell.
This is extremely likely to go to series but don't assume that it is 100% a done deal. I see to many of you doing that. This could still fall apart and never air. ABC has not seen a pilot and has NOT ordered it to series yet. All signs indicate that they will but I don't like seeing people count their chickens so early. We will know for sure in May.
Of course there is always a chance of it not going to series. But I have high hopes that that won't happen.

I signed up on the forum, too, should be exciting.
Agreed. Nothing is a done deal and if something goes wrong we could all be very disappointed but I'm looking at a rather nice half full glass here and enjoying the experience for what it is.

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