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January 24 2013

Geekiest TV shows of all time. Yahoo!TV lists 'Buffy' and 'Firefly' as the geekiest TV shows of all time.

I fly my geek flag high and proud. Whedonites for life!
So many great shows. :)

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Not sure how they define Geeky. Ain't nothing more geeky than Big Bang Theory.
Avatar the last airbender made it too! I know it's not whedon but it's def one of the bet series of all time
That's a list I can live with, although it'd probably be better if it says "two of the geekiest..." since there doesn't seem to be any significance to the order (which is a good since - if taken in the order stated - I and the full shelf of classic Dr. Who knitting patterns in the family living room just might have to differ.)
@brinderwalt: The order is alphabetical.

I'm not sure what a "geeky" show means. But in any case, my inner geek sighs at seeing another article whose author misunderstood the Lost finale and confused it with the old "purgatory" theory.
Love the shout outs to Quantum Leap and Veronica Mars.
@brinderwalt: The order is alphabetical.

Ah, yes - now it makes sense!
Very good list. Pretty much everything on there I've seen... or it's on my "to see someday" list.
Some of my absolute favourite shows on this list - Buffy (of course) arrested development, avatar, BSG, Community!
If being a hardcore Buffy or Firefly fan makes me a geek, then I'm quite happy to declare myself an ubergeek. Speaking of which, I just watched Graduation Day Part 2 and realised I've come a long way in 10 years of Buffy fandom. From that ten year old kid who shaved an eyebrow scar to look like Spike, to the point where I now understand Giles' comments about graduation to which Buffy replies "Fire bad, tree pretty". But then I realised I haven't grown much at all because I'm watching the same TV show about as much as I was ten years ago...
Pretty good list. Would have liked to see Wonderfalls on there (another doomed Tim Minear production!).

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