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January 24 2013

Hypable lists the best and worst musical TV episodes. It's no surprise which episode is the "Big One."

Who would have thought Aly would wind up in TWO of the top musical episodes?

A musical episode which not only advanced the plot, but broke it wide open; revealed much about the characters; is a continuity lover's dream; actually has it make sense that everyone's singing; and is genuinely catchy.

Yeah, I really don't see the Big One being dethroned any time soon.
alexreager: Ditto.

Except for "Girls vs Suits," I'ven't seen seen the others and don't plan to. And "GvS" I noticed is in a separate category from the others, which is good; that ep. featured a single musical number, more ambitious than but no different in kind from the many other musical numbers they've done.

Musical episodes are always a gamble. "The Bitter Suite" was brilliant but so many others, "Sorry, Charley." I really couldn't like the _Chicago Hope_ musical (If ELizondo had ha d a number of his own, not just Patinkin and Arkin, maybe I would have. Maybe.) They did one on _Big Brother Jake_, a very forgettable sitcom, and produced the one truly memorable, not great but very good. ep. of its run. But most I've seen have left me cold.
The Scrubs musical is actually well worth watching! I'm also quite interested in the Community one, but haven't seen it yet.

But OMWF is, of course, head and shoulders above the rest. I don't quite know what could ever come along to push it out of the #1 spot... but if such a thing does appear, it'll be something SO great my head will spin around and explode.

I mean, ousting Buffy as the best show ever would actually be easy peasy compared to ousting OMWF as the best musical episode. Which says it all, really. (Since, you know, not that easy.)
I completely agree with all the best musicals on the list. Buffy, Scrubs, and Community all pulled out fantastic musicals. I also love the musical number from How I Met your Mother. Poor Alyson can't avoid those musicals, can she?

I'm really sad though that House and AHS: Asylum made the worst list. I loved both of those numbers. The AHS one wasn't jarring. The whole show is weird, and I think the song fit well and was done wonderfully.
the buffy musical was awesome and like alyson i struggle with notes, but hats off to her for having a go as well as the himym suits musical!
The Bitter Suite should have been on the best list, but I can't argue that OMWF is the Big One. So much plot and character development wrapped up in earworm magic. ("Earworm" is a good thing in this context)

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