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January 24 2013

Kevin Feige: 'Avengers 2' has 'seven things' that are 'worth the price of admission alone'. We'll know more about these seven things in the upcoming Phase 2 movies.

"I would say that the exercise of this film is very much standalone, more so than any 'Iron Man' film since the first one. you mean more than the second one.
What if the "7 things" are 6 gems & a gauntlet? That would be awesome & not too farfetched considering the latest New Avengers storyline.
Only 7!!! Joss left one of the main characters out of the first draft! ;)

What if the "7 things" are 6 gems & a gauntlet?

I was wondering that too.
I don't know, Mr. Feige. I mean - all I have to do is look at that photo and already I see sev-DRAMATIC LIGHTNING STRIKE
Glad to hear someone else was thinking it...I guess a lot of us are after the end of the first movie. Always one of my favorite Marvel stories.
Has it ever been officially confirmed that the blue glowing orb Loki had in Avengers was the Mind Gem?
pacer- I don't think that was confirmed, but I seem to remember something about how the gauntlet was a prop in the Thor movie.
I know if you go back and pay attention to Odin's chambers, there is a shot of the infinity gauntlet!!!
I hope Joss makes this infinity gauntlet stuff accessible for us lay people. :) I'm sure he will.
Not a lot of substance, but it sounds like everyone's still really excited. Including me. Yay!!!
To me, it makes it seem like Avengers II is more about internal conflict than cosmic conflict. I think we're headed towards a versiin of Marvel's Civil War in Avengers II. I think Thanos will come to full fruition in Avengers III.
I believe the shot of the gauntlet was also missing the blue gem
jgsugden- that's a good point especially since we already have Cap & Iron Man...if they saved the big infinity gauntlet conflict until Avengers 3 that would make that film special & give Marvel more time to add in FF, Spiderman, & Wolverine.
I think Civil War would be a horrible idea, despite other people liking it.

The comics had decades of heroes being heroes, with the occasional miscommunication causing a hero brawl (or in the case of the Avengers, every other issue). Civil War was noteworthy for putting them at odds, after all the times they worked together.

In the movies, we've only seen them work together once.
It is not noteworthy, when we don't have a *long* history of them actually getting along.
Having Thanos and dealing with Death (as an idea, or the physical avatar) is enough to drive the action.
now, this was for the Mtv crowd. What would they value-and would they notice the specifics are absent? I trust Joss to make an entertaining film.
I wouldn't really call it a mtv crowd. Its a geek blog.
Regarding Civil War: It would be limited. It would also be substantially different than the comics as the 'secret identity' angle is pretty much moot: The identies of all the supers is currently well documented. It also would be dumbed down to something that can fit in a movie: Without the X-men, Spiderman or Fantastic Four angles. However, based upon the 'personal' angle Joss is pushing to take, the focus on Cap II as a Shield/Winter Soldier story, and the tidbits we're heard about IM III, the benefits of 'hero v hero' conflict in a movie (more screen time for the heroes, less budget spent on villians), and all the rest, I think we're going to see Avengers II be a Civil War-esque story with heroes differing on whether they be required to be a part of Shield/the government; and with the culmination of the story being the heroes coming together to fight a Masters of Evil roster featuring a variety of (mostly CGI) villians from Phase I and II (Abomination, Executioner, Aurora, Radioactive Man, etc....)
All due respect to Kevin Feige, but what's the point of announcing that there are exactly 7 things that are awesome, and then refusing to give any hint as to what they are? Why bother enumerating them so specifically? Not being rhetorical, I actually want to know.
@squishy: According to the article, Feige said that "there are already seven things in there" before Joss has worked this first sketch treatment into a script. That is an "at least seven" statement, not a "seven, only seven, and will never be greater than seven" statement.

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