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January 25 2013

Anthony Head returns to Cabin Pressure. He guest starred on this week's episode of the brilliant BBC Radio Four radio sitcom Cabin Pressure, reprising his role as Hercules Shipwright.

The episode ("Vaduz") will be available for free (also for non-British listeners) on the BBC's iPlayer for the next 12 days. A repeat of the episode is scheduled to air on BBC Radio 4 Extra next Wednesday. Cabin Pressure is written by and stars John Finnemore alongside Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

I started listening to it this year and it took me ages yesterday to realise it was Tony speaking. For my money, the show has the best cast for a sitcom in recent years. I could listen to Roger Allam till the cows come home.
Really? I recognized his voice the first time he turned up! Love all the characters, but Hercules is wonderfully dry. Although yes, if it was nothing but Roger Allam I would still listen.

Now I'm wondering if any of these dulcet voices have done audiobooks...
Yes, I agree the casting is truly excellent (that's also why just had to list the main cast in the post). IMO John Finnemore's writing is brilliant too, making the whole series just incredibly good.

For the next 8 hours there also is an old sketch show pilot (titled John Finnemore Apparently) he wrote up at the iPlayer. I haven't listened yet (I've recorded it), but his current sketch show series "John Finnemore's Souvenir Program" is absolutely hilarious, so I'm betting this one must have been pretty good too.

If you don't mind having a peek behind the scenes, the blogs he puts up about the writing process after the episodes air are pretty good as well (in the latest he gets to misquote Freud and point out that "Sometimes a dragon is just a dragon").

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I've been in love with Benedict Cumberbatch for a while now. He does do audio books. Look for him on Youtube. There's lots up there. He's also the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC (written by Steven Moffat).

I thoroughly enjoyed Bleak Expectations on BBC Radio, and I was able to get the older episodes too. Anthony played a couple of characters and was splendid :D
Laimelde Tony has done several audio books, including a series of Doctor Who. I have a Star Trek: Next Generation he did; he does a wonderful Jean-Luc Picard. And is rather hilarious as a female Klingon. It's called "The Valiant," and it ties the two generations together. Well worth tracking down, even if you're not a Trekkie or Trekker.

I listened to it on the flight to Detroit years ago for the Motor City Buffy con; I credit Tony's lovely voice with keeping me from getting airsickness.

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