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January 25 2013

Both The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods win Golden Tomato Awards. They win the the Comic Book and Horror Categories, respectively. Both films also rank in the overall wide release category.

I mean, it just goes to show you what happens when Joss Whedon writes a script, and then directs that script, or you give it to Drew Goddard ;)

Of course they'd be the highest reviewed films of their genre! :D
I'm glad both Avengers and CitW have these wins, I think a lot of people pay attention to RottenTomatoes (I know I do). I'm actually impressed with all their choices and I'm thinking of renting some movies I missed.
Me too, embers. Lots of movies there I haven't seen-- including all of the comedies.
And I am respectively gracious in hearing that this is the case.

Sorry - couldn't resist. :)

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Thanks @brinderwalt I fixed my typo. I do know the difference by the way...

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