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"We totally Shadowcatted! Chase is gona be so jealous!"
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January 25 2013

Maurissa Tancharoen tweets photos from the S.H.I.E.L.D. set. With more likely to come as pilot filming continues.

Can't wait for this! Nice pic.
Since I live in L.A., I always look out while I'm driving in hopes to see them filming or something...

*le sigh*

Exciting nonetheless! Haha
Didn't realize that the crew chairs had their names with periods after each letter. What would J.O.S.S. stand for?
Great stuff.

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OneTeV Just Old Sweet Stuff? Judge Our Sacred Souls? Jump Onto Ski Slope? Ouch.

Mo is apparently running a contest to explain hers. That's a bit trickier: M.A.U.R.I.S.S.A Mainly Airtight Underwater Research Investigative Subtropical Systems Administration. What the??

Let's see. J.E.D. - Joss' Evil Dead.
It started originally on Twitter with Jed's, then Maurissa's on Instagram. I can only assume they must have done it themselves when they first saw the chairs.
Just One Story Silly.
Mad Author Utilizing Risky Superlative Sentence Artifacts.
Is it invisible because of the shadow or does the Maurissa-one miss the last dot?

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