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January 28 2013

Joss Whedon ponders a Firefly/Serenity resurrection. "And I always, in the back of my head, think, 'What if I could get the old gang back together?'"

If there is any more to the article than the caption above, then someone may need to copy and paste it. Then post it in a comment. It is only viewable to Subscribers of TorontoSUN.
I could read it. There must be some privileges for people in Canada It's the same old stuff. I'd love to do it again, I never will. One of the last paragraphs is

Firefly's flame has not been fully, irrevocably extinguished -- "Part of me is like, 'God, it would be great when I finish Avengers 2 to do that,' " Whedon said -- but given the mountains of exhausting work Whedon already has on his plate, the odds don't look good for Capt. Mal and company.

"I suspect very strongly that after Avengers 2 the next thing I do will be a one-man show," Whedon said. "Possibly one monkey."

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A beautiful dream. But we'll always have Serenity, and I'll be forever grateful for that.
Every single time Joss or Nathan talk about their desire to resurrect 'Firefly' it does my heart so much good. I know it is probably impossible because Fox is never letting go of their rights to the show, but still I would settle for webvideos including only a few of the cast (characters blogging about 'where are they now'), a made for TV movie, a mini series, a major motion picture (okay, I'm out of control).

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Here we go again folks, this headline is going to burn up the internets with few actually reading what he said.
Yes. Please.
I would love a (properly licensed and made) Firefly video game. Rockstar's open world western "Red Dead Redemption" was the first (and only) video game to make me cry - I will love that yarn until I die.

(Of course, this story may well spread online as "Joss Whedon planning Firefly resurrection". Must be Monday).

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No copying and pasting articles in comments, thanks. I personally look forward to the one-monkey show we'll get in 2016.
I tried to word the title so as not to give a false impression of what was said, also note the tag I used :). I know it's nothing new and more of the same, but like some others I just like to know that they still love the show as much as we do all these years later and would still love some kind of little miracle. Of course, with how busy everyone is I don't think we'll see Dr Horrible 2 any time soon never mind something Firefly related, but it's good to dream.

Also, odd that some people can't read it, I had no problems obviously, I'm not in Canada.
"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
I maintain that Firefly is a great property to turn into an animated series. Negotiate with Fox somehow to license it for a short run - say only 6 episodes, to start - on Adult Swim. As expensive as animators are, they're cheaper than sets. You can bring all the actors in at different times. You can tell stories that happened between show episodes, so everybody's alive and on the boat. Or before the show started, if you think people wouldn't miss Simon, River, and Book. (But they probably would.) This eliminates the issue that everybody has aged 10 years as well.

I would watch that show so hard.
*Don't get your hopes up* *Don't get your hopes up* *Don't get your hopes up*
Too late, my hopes are higher than Serenity up there in the sky.
Numfar do the dance of joy!
Here's the whole article, guys:

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Again, please don't copy and paste articles in a comment.
I'd love to see an episode of Shield with the crew of Serenity playing the bad guys. They could be a rogue group from another agency that broke off from the government to do what they thought was right... but end up opposing Shield. To dream...
An Animated Series would be Awesome or a Webseries would be cool aswell. At this point, I think we can only hope and dream that Joss finds it in his heart to give us back a show that touched many, many lives.
also Simon. this rogue group could be called S.R.N.I.T
i meant to put jgsugden
Will the monkey juggle while Joss plays piano and sings?

It's just that when any one of them makes an innocent remark about the show, the cycle starts all over again. That said, I wouldn't mind at all, a one-off television movie that reunites the cast, even the dearly departed in Serenity in flashbacks, seeing their lives now and how they got there. But again, there's that pesky Fox.
Why play with my heart like this? I've grown tired of "Maybe Firefly can come back" articles.

BTW I'm not from Canada nor have a subscription and I could read the article.

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I, too, look forward to the one-monkey show.
Ahh. I've gotten past it when the actors say they'd love more Firefly, but an Avengers-famous Joss Whedon saying it? This one might break me a little.
I think it's fair to say too much time has passed and everyone has gone on to varying degrees of success in other projects; it's great that fans who need a little more Buffy/Angel/Firefly can get a comic book fix here and there but I highly doubt we'll see any more filmed Firefly. Assuming Marvel's Phase 2 goes well, I'll be surprised if they don't back a dumptruck full of money up to Joss' place to oversee Phase 3 as well. That will be the very interesting call for Joss to make.
@MrArg... the dream (which is probably a completely unrealistic dream, but I can still dream) is that if Marvel/Disney want Joss really badly for Phase 3, then he would have a lot of clout to ask them "in exchange" to attempt to negotiate the rights for Firefly from Fox/Universal (do Universal still own any?)

I don't know what the connection is between the Fox that owns the movie rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four and the one that owns the rights to Firefly, but I bet Marvel is trying pretty hard to negotiate some of those rights back anyway. They could try to get the little insignificant Firefly property thrown in there as an incentive for their star director to sign on for some more years...
Articles like this always make me a bit heartsick because it just gets my hopes up even though half of the point always seems to be "don't get your hopes up." But it's Firefly and I am weak.

Anyway, I would totes watch the one-monkey show.
I know everyone is focusing on Firefly, but where was it reportedd that he was offered Star Wars and turned it down? I know JJ ABrams has it now- which to be frank I am not happy about given the Star trek reboot, which I thought was not good- but this was news to me.
Sobbing quietly. That which was Firefly is gone. We must accept this and move on with gratitude for the short time it flew shimmering its light through our lives.

And of course rip to shreds the suits who so screwed up it's single season and didn't even give it a chance to develop a following.
I suspect if a site reported Joss was offered Star Wars, it was wrong. (His commitments to The Avengers 2 are well documented).

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sab39, I do agree that Joss should have some mighty clout by the time Phase 2 wraps up, I'm just not sure that's where he would choose to spend the next phase of his remaining career (we all of course hope Joss has many more decades of good health and creative output, but he ain't getting any younger, and neither is his cast. Along those lines, I also think of when Marsters was asked about reprising Spike and saying "I'm getting too old to pull off an immortal" or something to that effect. Based on the reunion special the cast appears to be aging quite gracefully but again, time marches on).
Yes, but none of the Firefly characters are immortal and there's no reason a reprisal has to be set immediately after the original.It could be set a decade later. Flashbacks would be difficult to pull off of course which would make it hard to bring back Wash and Book in any capacity, which is sad, but no individual except possibly Mal is utterly essential to the show. Really, the only character that is completely essential is Serenity herself.
Joss says he's gonna bring back Firefly? Hurray!
What? That's not what he said? *fingers in ears* Can't hear you. More Firefly! Whee!! *hums them song*

Slightly more seriously, put me down as another one in line for the one-monkey show. Everything's better with monkeys.
I haven't seen any sites before this one say that Joss was offered SW. They must've seen the interview where Joss wished he could do SW and misconstrued this to be an actual offer.
I'm sure his name came up, but considering he is knee deep in a variety of other very important Disney properties his name also left the table pretty quickly.

sab39, hope springs eternal! I guess based on the movie Serenity's existence, the fact that Joss has done the impossible before means nothing should be counted out. I'm just not holding my breath.
It still amazes me Fox wants to sit on this property, doing nothing about it, for the sake of what? I understand the entertainment business is that..a business. Sometimes I wonder what will it take for this old business model to blow apart and give this beautiful concept back to Joss.
I'm older than Joss and..., but I do more exercise...; as in jogging and such.
Please support me in thinking that there will be more Firefly before I die.
Davila, why would Fox gift Joss with a property that was never his to begin with? Firefly has always been owned by 20th C Fox Television. That is how the business works. Joss and Tim sold the idea to 20th and 20th gave them lots of upfront money and paid to make the show.
sab39, hope springs eternal! I guess based on the movie Serenity's existence, the fact that Joss has done the impossible before means nothing should be counted out. I'm just not holding my breath.

That's the thing - you can never say never insofar as Firefly/Serenity is concerned.
I honestly don't at all see Firefly coming back in animated form being too ridiclous a concept. Let's say when Arrested Development starts back up again on Netflix it's huge, then Netflix (and it's competers) may be looking to repeat that success with a similar deal. We've heard that Firefly does well on streaming and it's a very buzzworthy show so maybe they decide to go with it. In animated form it would be very easy to work around everyone's schedule.
Who needs Fox!? Just write a story about a guy named Mel who fought in the Greencoat army against the Axis with his trusty first officer Zoey, pilot Vash, mechanic Keeleigh and muscle Jane who pick up Priest Kindle and siblings Sam and Lake and fly around the 'Mos on their ship 'Quiet Now All The Shooting Has Stopped'.

While they try to avoid the Reefers.

I can't see any possible way this could cause any problems. BTW I am not a lawyer.
I keep misreading this headline as "Joss Whedon Ponders a Firefly/Serenity Insurrection."
At this point I no longer want to see Firefly reignited. I'm looking forward to Much Ado About Nothing this summer, and if that goes well (I'm sure it will), I want to see Whedon doing what he's been doing; find both familiar and new faces and just tell us stories his way. They can be his stories or Shakespeare's or anyone's. Firefly and Serenity are great. They've inspired people and they've been launch pads for several very talented people to continue to shine in new projects. At this point dragging everyone back to tell yet another story in that 'verse on that ship could not possibly live up to the anticipation. It couldn't live up to the story inside my head about those characters, and I doubt it could live up to the story in your head that you've already told yourself.

I'd rather these talented people get together when their schedules permit and they whip up for us whatever is inspiring them in that moment. Ever forward. You can't stop the signal, but that signal is changing all the time. I wanna hear what that signal is saying now, and not what it was saying a decade ago.
ZachsMind, I would agree with you if I thought for one second that Joss would be rehashing what we already saw in Firefly/Serenity. But we know for a fact that he had ideas for years worth of episodes. He said at conventions that he had stories in his head that were bursting to come out. He has (obviously) taken some of the pressure off with a few comic books, but I believe that he is still full of tales that he only wants to tell w/this crew (these actors). It breaks my heart that we aren't going to see them. I think that rejoining the crew ten (or even 20) years later would work, at least it would work for me.

I am very excited about Much Ado About Nothing, but I am always more excited about Joss' writing (he has original ideas for how to direct Shakespeare, which is cool, but it isn't a Joss original story no matter what). I don't want him to spend a lot of time directing the stories of other writers when everything he writes is so amazing.
I'm afraid that the only Firefly/Serenity we'll be seeing, if any, is going to be in comic books.

A new television series or another movie is probably off the cards. Aside from the logistics of assembling it, the economics just don't work. Firefly is a science fiction property with a small, but highly passionate fanbase. There just aren't enough butts to fill seats in order to make the money people take notice.

An animated series is a nice thought, but those tend to be difficult to get off of the ground. Look at the Buffy series that never happened. Animated series that aren't aimed at children are a tough sell.

A remake or reboot might be possible sometime in the future, though. Probably not what folks here want to hear, but the Hollywood machine does like to recycle concepts.

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I keep misreading this headline as "Joss Whedon Ponders a Firefly/Serenity Insurrection."
I keep misreading it as "Joss Whedon finally getting to make Goners."
I would rather see Goners, or another new Whedon project with no prior affiliations (except some actors we know and love) than more Firefly, to be perfectly honest. As mentioned before, the interesting thing to me is to see if he sticks around to make an Avengers trilogy. My hope is that Phase 2 goes great, Disney brings that dumpster full of money, but Joss takes only a portion of it to be an executive producer on Phase 3, maybe co-writer on Avengers 3, but then goes off and does a few original things. I would be OK with him taking over the Marvelverse too, as he's just too damn perfect for the job and to see him put a deep stamp on what they do cinematically is, in many ways, a perfect capper to his career, but I also don't want him to cap his career without some more 100% original ideas. It's funny how things have worked out--the script doctor gun-for-hire turned into a cult hero with his consistently great original takes on genre material, and now he's the gun-for-hire running arguably the current most successful blockbuster franchise going. But of course we are all here because of the cult hero phase. I kind of feel like people's wishes for more Firefly are another way of just expressing wishes for more original material of any stripe from Joss.
Wait, cap his career? Let's not talk about Joss retiring...he has never even mentioned the idea as far as I know. He's going to keep doing awesome things for years to come!

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gossi, you should play Telltale's The Walking Dead game if Red Dead Redemption got to you... 'nuff said.

If Joss can bring Firefly back, I think he should; there's been no replacement for it since it has been on and there's no good reason to not if he can get the right pieces and support back in place. This would be a perfect project for an HBO or a Showtime to take on if they wanted to get a foot into science fiction.
Audio books? There's only ever been one in the Whedonverse*, I wouldn't mind listening to more.

*I think. Charisma Carpenter narrated one.
This title is such a tease.
At this point dragging everyone back to tell yet another story in that 'verse on that ship could not possibly live up to the anticipation. It couldn't live up to the story inside my head about those characters, and I doubt it could live up to the story in your head that you've already told yourself.

If this is a vital part of your coping mechanism, then far be it from me to add to your mind's troubles. :) (Although I will say this - judging by the comments of virtually every single person ever involved with Firefly, 'dragging' would have absolutely nothing to do with it.)
Guys, I know we're all psyched by the endlessly dangling carrot of more Firefly, but I think Whedon might be dropping a hint here about a possibly-even-cooler project:

"I suspect very strongly that after Avengers 2 the next thing I do will be a one-man show," Whedon said. "Possibly one monkey."

Anyone read Y: The Last Man? It's a comic about a virus that kills every male on the planet except an amateur magician named Yorick and his pet monkey.

One man. One monkey.

Whedon is a longtime fan of that series, and it would be a perfect fit for his aesthetic. Badass women, snappy dialogue, sci fi/apocalypse themes, and plenty of feminist ideas to play around with, as women literally inherit the Earth.

Is it possible he just announced his next movie?
Pretty sure I saw a different director attached to Y: The Last Man recently announced. Although that would be very cool.
Dan Trachtenberg is directing Y: The Last Man. (And well deserved; he's great).
Well said ZachsMind. I agree!

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