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January 29 2013

Joss Whedon talks about every episode of Firefly in this month's SciFiNow. The magazine is available in print and digital (iTunes) edition.

I hope I can find this magazine. Would love to read the article.
Wow, now that's quite an inducement to purchase. It depends a lot on how much he has to say (I have only recently weaned myself off of magazines for financial reasons), but I'll be looking out for this.
Maclay - back in 2003 Joss and Tim did a 7 part behind the scenes episode guide to Firefly with CFQ magazine. You can still access it via Wayback When.

Simon, your goodheartedness is matched only by your wisdom. Thanks!

I can't access that from where I am but I will check it out when I get on a better connection.
Thank you for the link. That was a great read.
Thanks for the repost, Simon. Nine years later, it's fun to reread, especially the final thoughts about the potential for the movie AND how he as rejected for Batman. Not that Nolan's trilogy wasn't a huge success, but Warner Bros passed on Joss just too many times. But I'm glad...
Yes, that was great. Thank you Simon!
A very late thank you, Simon, for the link to the Wayback version of Joss and Tim's Firefly discussions.

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