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January 29 2013

Joss Whedon to receive honorary degree from Wesleyan University . He will also deliver the commencement address at the event in May.

Joss graduated from Wesleyan back in 1987.

Cool! Gorramit, that is cool!
That is so full circle for Joss. Lucky, lucky Class of 2013 getting the commencement address from him. There better be video! Or a transcript...
Darn, it really makes me wish my little brother chose to go to Wesleyan! Joss is sure to give an amazing commencement address... as long as he doesn't turn into a giant snake :)
Didn't he get a regular degree from Wesleyan too? But in all seriousness, I want to be at that commencement address...
Yeah, I thought an honorary degree went to someone who didn't graduate from X University?
He gave the commencement address a couple years ago, too, didn't he? I recall desperately wanting to go.
Joss is ahead of the curve. He gets two degrees!!

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