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January 29 2013

Dear Hollywood: cast Gina Torres as Wonder Woman. So says BuzzFeed's Donna Dickens, armed with a list of reasons for why.

Nice theory. Should have happened 15 years ago. All of those pics are over 10 years old by the way. Not that she isn't stunning but realism suggests she would be cast as Hippolyta long before Diana.
The Bruce Timm cartoon series nailed Wonder Woman for me. Granted that was in a team dynamic but it's at least some place to start.
Gina as Hippolyta and Bianca as WW? Since my ex-fave Charisma has the same "problem" as Gina.
Bianca is only 10 years younger than Gina. So, no.

If and when Hollywood finally does a good live action version of Wonder Woman the "woman" cast will not be older than 25-28 and probably much younger. If it's a film franchise she will need to to 3-5 films over 10 years. If it's a TV show, it will be on CW whose focus is 18-34 year old women and so the cast will all be under 30.

So no Gina, no Charisma and no Priyanka Chopra. :) Will most likely be someone you have never heard of before.
I think Gina would be amazing! I'd love to see her as Wonder Woman .... she has the charisma, gravitas, and beauty necessary to make the character work on the big screen.

But, as others have said, if they ever get a live-action Wonder Woman off the ground, they'll probably go with the origin story and cast someone young and relatively unknown. Which could be a good thing ... but I'd love to just skip the origin and start with a confident adult, like Gina, in the role. It would be a different, and really cool, take on the superhero movie.

I thought this statement was a little odd, though: "Audiences have seen the age-old 'girl gets powers, girl learns how to use powers, girl has boy trouble' a thousand times." Really? Last time I looked, movies with powerful girls were few and far between.
I want to see Charisma Carpenter or Eliza Dushku play Wonder Woman! Am I alone here?
IrrationaliTV: 10 years isn't a disqualifier, exactly; the age differences of Angela LAnsbury to LAurence Harvey and ELvis PResley, Bea Richards to Sidney Poitier, and Molly Shannen to Selma Blair were in that range.
But your followup is probably spot-on. And since I don't know the names of actresses in that age range, I can't play the "specul-game."

thebitca; Well, it's the difference between "want to see" and "could possibly happen," which is huge. I "wanted" to see MArc Blucas star in the remake of _The Wolfman_ but I knew that wouldn't actually happen.
I may have mentioned this, but I don't think Wonder Woman would work in live action.
She's a pop-culturally significant character, certainly, but as much as she has meant in the past, she's essentially just defined by the novelty of a "strong woman". Something that was a rather progressive notion at the time of her creation, but that now seems almost patronizingly simple. Even her name and costume are designed to sensationalize the idea of a Strong Woman™ rather than work as organic parts of a layered character. The character needs a lot of updating, but how much can you update Wonder Woman before she becomes Not Wonder Woman? At what point does she become a new character? Maybe it could be done well, and I'd love to see it, but whoever gets the job is facing an enormous challenge and inevitably a lot of backlash, either for sticking too close to the source or for straying too far from it.
A few years back, this is who I was pushing for as Wonder Woman.
@ IrrationaliTV: You've seen her in "Suits"? She looks like she's hardly aged a day since 'Firefly.'

And I've been pushing for Gina as WW for several years now. Hell, several Whedonverse actresses would be great as WW, not just Gina.

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