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January 29 2013

Third time is the charm for Felicia Day. Felicia Day will be reprising her role as Charlie Bradbury on Supernatural for a third time. No date has been given yet for the episode.

More Felicia on our tv is always a good thing.

Aggghhh! She's doomed. Waaaah. Felicia Day is going to die or be tortured horribly at the hands of Crowley. Oh nooo!

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I want her to become a regular! She's perfect for that show!
I too would love to see her be a regular. The show has never had a female character that's really managed to stick - possibly because they all seem to die.
Spinoff, here she comes....right?
I'm still annoyed that they didn't keep Katie Cassidy on as Ruby after season three. In fact, I still haven't watched the show since then. I have the DVDs for seasons four and five, but need to rewatch season three before getting to them. Shame though, since Cassidy's Ruby was my favourite character that wasn't Dean.
I agree about Ruby. I like Supernatural, but I seem to never be able to really get into the show. I can't watch two episodes in a row, for instance. And I'm pretty sure my main problem with it is the close focus on just Sam and Dean. In my book a truly good show needs a full cast interacting with each other. Supernatural is better when Castiel or Bobby or somebody else who is not dead yet (no spoiler, I'm way behind in watching so I don't know who lives or dies) is around, but it needs regulars, particularly females. Why not Felicia?
Felicia Day has been a breathe of fresh-air on an otherwise dull couple seasons of SUPERNATURAL. I doubt she'll become a regular on the show given that SUPERNATURAL likely only has 1 more season left (two tops- it's already on season 8). A spin-off would be wonderful though.
Lot of spoilerish comments in this thread. I don't mind since I'm caught up, but I worry for anyone who isn't. I liked Ruby a lot, especially when Katie Cassidy was playing her. I honestly wish that character was still around as I find her more interesting than Meg, who is a very similar character. Every time I see Meg I think, "I wish that were Ruby."

Given Supernatural's history, I don't expect Felicia Day's character to be around much longer. Everybody always goes on and on about how NO ONE IS SAFE on Game of Thrones or Walking Dead when truthfully, the statement is much more true of Supernatural. They've killed EVERYONE on this show so far, even the main characters! Of course, they came back cause it's their show, but most other characters have stayed dead.

Plus, while I find Charlie to be a great character, I don't see what she brings to the show in the long run, especially since we already have a comic relief character in that other hunter who has taken over for Bobby

You haven't seen seasons four and five? Those were the best seasons of the whole series.

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