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January 29 2013

(SPOILER) Robert Downey Jr. previews 'Iron Man 3' (part 2). Second installment of a five-part EW interview. Part one can be found here.

I know it's just EW, but for a five part interview, there doesn't seem to be much interesting going on. Except Downey Jr.s continued enthusiasm for the role.
They're desperate for page views. They should just make another list referencing a Whedon show lol.

Theres going to be a teaser of the super bowl spot on ET tomorrow night.

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I think a third entry would be stretching it unless it's really Whedon specific.
This is a five part thing. They took what should have been one article - and made it five.

This is an interesting one because of the hints about the cameo. I'm betting it ends up post credits with Tony in space and a raccoon.
The third part of the interview isn't Whedon specific. It's more about Ben Kingsley than anything else.

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